Achilles Tendon Pain After Elliptical

music playing MUSIC PLAYING Hi everyone, welcome to the Live Chat with Tony Horton. I’m Sarah, and this is of course, the man, Tony Horton. The man Tony Horton. Hey Sarah, how you doing? I’m fine, thanks.

This is the first time in that seat, isn’t it? Second time. I met with you once before. Oh wow, OK. Well there you go, I’m old. Not memorable, apparently.

No, it was awhile ago, though. It was awhile ago. It was like over years ago. Yes. Well then see? I don’t know what I had for breakfast on Thursday.

So today we’re going to be talking about tony’s tips on how to get a six pack. And we’re going to be taking questions from you all, so just enter those questions in to the right of your screen, and I’ll get to them and ask away for Tony. But first we want to find out how Summit was.

Yeah summit was great. It was really great. I had 9,300 of my closest friends there. Coaches from all around the world, planet Earth, a little blue marble there we were, gathered in Las Vegas. Lost wages, Nevada.

And most people managed not to get too wasted, and still focus on the fitness and the coachs building process through Team Beach Body. Awesome. It was fun. Yeah?.

Yeah, it was a good time. I heard you talked about a new program that’s coming out soon. Oh yeah, I don’t know. I heard about something coming up. I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know.

A little something called p90? P90, oh is that that right there? Because this has been out, this thing here, the X, P90X. P90, yes! We’re hopefully premiering in fall. OK. Yeah.

Physical Therapist Career Information Physical Therapist Tools

In physical therapy we use a lot of different tools. these tools range from exercise equipment to machines that help with modalities, which means heat and ice, and ultrasound. For example, we have the electrical stimulation machine right here, and also ultrasound. Those are some tools that we use. We use different tools for measuring joints. They come in different sizes. And these are called goniometers. There’sI have three different types here. We also have a different tool to use to measure the joints in the back and the neck, and they’re called.

Inclinometers. this is a specific goniometer for hand and fingers. makes it a little easier to do the measurement. We have reflex hammers if we need to check reflexes. Those are some of the measuring devices that we have. We use tape measures to measure the girth of a joint that might have swelling, or that might have atrophy, which is the wasting away of the muscles, and that happens a lot with surgical patients. Different exercise equipmentwe use Theraband tubing. It comes in different resistances and colors. Blue, in this case,.

Is harder than the green. harder to do, because of more resistance. we use dumb bells of various sizes. These are just five pound dumb bells, but we range anywhere from two pounds up to a hundred pounds. We use ankle weights, and these can be put on the wrists or the ankles for various exercises that we do. Something different that I’ve found is that we have marbles, and we have people kick them up with their toes if they’ve had a foot or an ankle problem and they’ve been in a cast for awhile, we want their toes to work correctly. And.

So that’s something different that we’ve done here. this is a power web. it’s used for hand problemsdifferent exercise equipment. We use sports logs. It works on some strengthening exercise for wrists. We also use this plexiglass with a towel and it is used for the ankle and the foot, where you pull the towel from side to side and do various things there. We use Swiss balls, or therapy balls, or physio balls. They have a lot of different names for them. And that’s for core strengthening for the lumbar spine, usually, but we use.

It for many different activities of the shoulder and the legs, and also the trunk. down here in front of me, we use a wobble board. And I just made this one, but it’s used for balance for ankles and knee problems. We also use a BAPS board. And I made this one too. And it has a round bottom, and so it decreases the stability, so it works on the balance. We have other chords that we use for knee exercises or leg exercises that we’ve hooked in different places, and we also have a gym that has treadmills, recumbent bicycles, elliptical.

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