Achilles Tendon Pain Night

Hi everyone,I just thought I would give you guys some tips on how I overcame chronic Achilles pain.I know how frustrating and debilitating it can be so I thought I’d share some adviceon how I treated myself and hopefully you can use these tips to overcome pain and stiffnessin the Achilles too. Whether its tendonosis or tendonitis the rehabilitation process isthe same. But To be more specific in this tutorial I am referring to pain and stiffnessin the midportion of the Achilles which is highlighted in the diagram. I struggled withAchilles pain for many months and couldn’t run or play basketball but after a few weeksof this protocol I am back to 100%.

As you can see here I still have a littleswelling or nodule around the Achilles but no pain or stiffness at all. I just went fora run so I I would normally come home and ice it down just to prevent any inflammationand swelling. It is important to do this if you want to avoid reinjuring your Achilles.So yes, use ice post exercise and if you have tight Achilles or calves use heat before exercise.These things combined with the following exercises really help to improve the integrity of thetendon fibres and reduce scar tissue build up.So the protocol that worked for me involved undertaking eccentric loaded heel drops overan edge. Eccentrics are the lowering phase

of the heel drop. We want to remove the concentricor rising phase as much as we can in the early stages as this can have an impact on the alignmentof the collagen fibres that are laid down. So there are two variations of this heel dropexercise that you would want to use. First exercise is performed with a straightleg. So Drop down in a slow and controlled manner and use both legs to push back up.Second variation is done with a slightly bent leg so you can target the lower portion ofthe leg and the soleus muscle a little more. Perform both of these exercises daily for3 sets of 15 reps. Remember to do both legs the same to avoid future muscle imbalances.Choose a weight that is challenging so that

when you hit your 15th rep on the last setyou are really starting to fatigue. Be controlled in every rep. For maximum results do this2 x per day. Maybe a morning and night session. Yes it is time consuming but well worth theeffort. Another thing I used in my rehab was theseawesome Achilles braces. They really took the stress of the Achilles and gave it timeto heal. They have a super comfy silicone insert stitched into them that moulds aroundthe Achilles and are just generally awesome quality all round. They also come with 2 heellifts per pack. I used these in the early stages just to limit my range of motion inmy ankle which helped reduce pain. They fit

into my running or basketball shoes very welland also hold the Achilles in a way that helps it maintain its alignment. It also providespretty good ankle support. These braces were quite difficult to track down so to make iteasy for you guys I’ll try put a link in the description box below. I purchased 2 ofthem as I thought of it as an investment into 2 pain free Achilles for the future but Iam sure you would be fine with just one. So hang in there guys, do these exercisesdaily eat well and if you can afford it get some of those Achilles braces. Also rememberto start doing a little bit of jogging as pain subsides. Just take it slowly and makesure its pain free and you are running within

your limits so that you are not sore the nextmorning. All the best with your recovery.

KT Tape Achilles Tendonitis

音� 我是Chris Harper,这�是Melissa, 我们�演示KTTAPE对于跟腱炎的应用 跟腱是人体最大的腱 连接�腿肌肉到脚跟 有些跟腱炎�生的原因是因为过度使用,也�能是腱或肌肉有炎症 或外伤导致腱或肌肉绷紧或撕裂 KT TAPE通过增加循环和支撑�有效帮助这�状况

�这个应用,我们需�脚��完全背屈 或者使痛处处于相对自由�置 也就是将脚趾引�胫骨方� 对于这个应用,我们��一整片 撕开背纸��个固定点 我们把固定点贴在脚跟��足弓处 然�撕掉背纸,我们将用50%的张力拉伸 如果你这样拉是100%

那么这样退回一�就是50% 我们��的是绕�脚跟往上贴到跟腱 我们�将贴�贴布的末端,也就是固定点 �对零拉伸 继续紧�皮肤摩擦余下的贴布 为了在此处有足够好的粘贴 第二片 我们�一长�,但这次我们�剪去一�

我们�折�,在折�处剪出圆角 这样�对预防粘到衣�的尖角 或预防穿脱袜时粘到很有帮助 我们弯曲并撕开背纸�创建绷带的中间部分 末端留一些纸以便于手�作 用拇指施以�分�匀的拉力 我们��的是把这个贴在痛点之上 在这个例�中,就是脚跟跟腱止点的�置

以80%拉伸贴下 然�将背纸去掉,将贴布末端无拉伸贴下 在�这些的�时,我们需�确�脚���有效背屈 �次,脚趾指�胫骨 有些时候,痛点也�能在腱高处 这�情况下,你�以用�一片,就�第一个�片

撕开背纸,用拇指用�分�匀的拉力�80%拉伸 贴在�能的痛点,�能的腱的更高点 以80%拉伸状�贴下,撕去背纸 完全没有拉伸贴下贴布末端 好了 你�以放�脚�了 贴布之�的一些�技巧是剃掉或剪掉�能影�贴布粘贴的毛�

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