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Hello I’m doctor Fred Pascatori a physician practicing nutritional medicine in New York City. Today I’m going to talk to you about an antioxidant called pycnogenal. this botanical extract is available in dietary supplements multivitamins cosmetic products and is widely known to have significant health benefits supported by science pycnogenal is a natural plant extract that originates from the bark the French maritime pine tree grown on the coastal region of southwestern France pine trees from which pycnogenal is produced are grown in a unspoiled and natural forest environment and represent Europe’s.

Largest forest the healing powers of pine bark have been used for centuries by North American Indians in 1534 French explorer Jacques Cartier and its crew fell ill with scurvy they were nursed back to health by drinking prepared teas and other concoctions using pine needles and tree bark to relieve the scurvy improve wound healing and for various other ailments the tea was effective because the needles contained traces a vitamin C and the bark provided large quantities and bioflavonoids today pine bark is still utilized for its medicinal benefits.

Which bring us to the current day use of Pycnogenal. Pycnogenal is most commonly known as a super strength antioxidant, but its health benefits reach far beyond its antioxidant capabilities the unique combinationof pro cianidans bioflavonoids and organic acids offer extensive health benefits for individuals there are numerous benefits to keep in mind when considering Pycnogenal for joint health this extract is a natural but effective way to lower joint pain because it acts as a natural antiinflammatory. studies have shown that less pain medication is needed after supplementing with Pycnogenal and that there is a noticeable.

Joint pain and joint pain relief

Improvement of joint stiffness physical joint function is also restored and finally, mobility is improved when taking the supplement several years ago a study on technology all published in the journal information demonstrated that this antioxidant effectively prevented information disorders in patients by moderating the immune system response it’s important to note that while wear and tear is responsible for the initial degeneration of cartilage the more advanced stage boss arthritis of the knee involves inflammation the cells at the cartilage respond to mechanical impact by generating proinflammatory master switch called nfkappa B Pycnogenal was shown to lower the sensitivity.

For nfkappa B in patients. meanwhile immune system cells release harmful substances in the joints such as free radicals and enzymes that break down connective tissue and speed up the degeneration of cartilage these processes alike are under control by nfkappa B and the effective Pycnogenal to suppress and nfkappa B will help to limit the damage caused by the cells Pycnogenal was also found to naturally inhibit Cox enzymes which are predominantly responsible for joint pain patients who supplemented with Pycnogenal demonstrated a decrease in pain and inflammation by lowering cox1 and cox2 activity shockingly enough.

Osteoarthritis is one of the five leading cause of disability among the elderly while osteoarthritis mainly affects most people over 45 it can occur at any age leading individuals to look for alternative therapies to manage their symptoms the first randomized clinical trial to show Pycnogenal’s effectiveness in alleviating the clinical symptoms of knee osteoarthritis was published in nutrition research the study reveal Pycnogenal improved physical function by 52 percent in patients suffering from osteoarthritis after just two months additionally participants reduce the number both overthecounter medications like ansed such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

And prescription medications such as the cox2 inhibitor pills while supplementing with Pycnogenal research conducted by doctor jiani bill Caro publishing phytotherapy research demonstrated Pycnogenal was able to reduce osteo arthritis symptoms by 56 percent the study revealed a particularly high efficacy a Pycnogenal for lowering joint pain by 55 percent moreover patients require dramatically less standard pain medication which greatly improve the gastrointestinal complications resulting from the pain medication by 63 percent a third study conducted on 100 osteoarthritis patients confirmed the previous two studies which reveal that Pycnogenal supplementation.

Aided patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis symptoms by reducing pain and stiffness and increasing mobility the antioxidant also allowed patients to discontinue the use of other antiinflammatory drugs as well as cox2 inhibitors pycnogenal has emerged as a safe and versatile supplement in today’s marketplace is backed by a portfolio for research spanning the last 35 years over 200 scientific publications validate its health benefits and safety for a variety of conditions and truly exemplify it as a gold standard natural ingredient that has the potential to improve quality of life.

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