Acupuncture For Plantar Fasciitis

Alright yes, my name is Barbara Graham and I started coming here for acupuncture in 2009, after years of back problems, um, which started after my children were born, um. Wow, that’s a long time..yes, my left hip would, uh, just go out of socket and my left leg would be paralyzed, I could hardly walk with my left leg I’d be in so much pain. And I went to a chiropractor for years, and for a long time they would help me, uh, but it got so severe that my.

Chiropractor said he couldn’t help me anymore that I needed just go see an orthopedic surgeon. So, I did that in 2009, and the surgeon told me I was gonna have to have a disc removed, that, uh, it was in really bad shape and that I would have to go in for surgery and I just couldn’t stand the thought of having my back operated on. So I had a real good friend who had come here to the acupuncture clinic for, uh, a long time and she said please before.

You have surgery go see, uh, the acupuncturist. So I thought, what the heck you know, I have nothing to lose at this point. I didn’t want to have surgery. so I came here for treatment and after three treatments my pain was gone in my leg and in my back and since then I have been pain free in my back. I also while I was coming here, had a Plantars Fasciitis, which if you’ve ever had that can know it’s very painful and, uh, I had gone to a foot.

Chronic Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis

Doctor and he had ordered one of those very expensive boots for me to have to sleep in at night and so while I was here for my back I asked the doctor if he could take care of Plantars Fasciitis and he said he could, uh, I have to tell you it was very painful but, it worked. After one treatment I didn’t have it anymore and I haven’t had it since and that was in 2009, so I can’t say enough for acupuncture. I think it’s wonderful and I.

Would recommend it to anybody before you would have any kind of surgery. How you found us the first time Through a patient of yours who recommended you. Yeah, who is your friend Uh, yes, who is my personal friend. Okay. And she came here to quit smoking years ago and it worked. Oh, oh. We are happy that we helped you in two ways, uh, the back, lower back. Lower back, Plantars Fasciitis, yes, and no surgery. Yeah, no surgery. No surgery. And I feel great. I’m seventyfive years old soon to be seventysix.

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