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我是Chris Harper 这�是Makayla, 我们�演示跖骨�贴布的应用 这�能是�肢的任何疼痛,就在脚趾之� 有些原因是过度使用,导致�炎 在�硬表�过度跑动,鞋���脚

体�增加,或者神�问题 KT 贴布通过�少疼痛区域上的压力�有效改善这�状况 对这个应用,我们从交�你的腿部开始 拿第一片贴布 对折 在对折处剪圆角,���两个�贴布 剪�圆角的原因是圆角�会很容易粘到衣�袜�

或其他类似的东西 这是第一部分,弯曲撕开背纸,��剥离 that back. 用拇指抓�贴布,并施加�常�匀的拉力 80%拉伸贴在脚趾�方 继续贴,当我们贴到尾端时, ���关节轻轻弯曲贴布 完全没有拉伸贴末端定�点

很好,用点力摩擦这里 第二片 弯曲撕开背纸 ��剥离背纸 ��纸��作贴布 ��接触到胶的部分 在第一片��微有些���贴这一片, 80%拉伸

然�无拉伸贴下末端固定点 就这样去掉纸,贴下 最�一片 �一整片 在接近贴布末端弯曲撕开背纸, �近标志,�创建一个固定点 放脚,使脚趾有些伸展 往�拉脚趾,完全无拉伸贴固定点

就在脚趾�� 然�撕掉背纸,末端留一点用�手� 以便你�会接触到胶�部分 以50%力度��拉伸贴布 正好贴到脚�跟 最末端,我们去掉背纸完全无拉伸贴好 现在足弓上的弓弦部分

Knee Bursitis Stretches Exercises Ask Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Jo. One of thefunny things I hear patients say is quot;I got that Bursa in my knee.quot; But everybody actuallyhas bursa. What they’re talking about is Bursitis, which is basically the inflammation of thebursa in the knee. We have a whole lot of them. The main ones are the suprapatellarbursa, the prepatellar bursa, and the infrapatellar bursa, so I’m gonna show you some stretchesand exercises to hopefully get that bursa better. When the bursa are inflamed, and theybecome bursitis, it’s really important to stretch out the muscles around the knee toget that inflammation out of there. The big muscles around the knee are the calf muscles,the hamstring muscles and the quad muscles.

So let’s start out with the stretching. Startingoff with the calf, you can take a towel, something nice and long and roll it up. Make sure youput it just at the ball of your foot, not too low, not too high, but just right there.Keep your leg nice and straight, and pull the towel towards you. So make sure the towel’slong enough where you don’t have to reach for it, but where you can sit up nice andcomfortable. Pull it as much as you can without pain, just to tension, and hold that for 30seconds. Once you get to that 30 seconds, just relax it, and do that 3 more times. Gettinga big stretch in that calf muscle. The next stretch is for your hamstrings. You can liedown this one and you can actually get kind

of a combination stretch with your calf andyour hamstring. So still but that towel around the ball of your foot, and straighten outyour leg. So when you come up, actually pull your calf down, while you’re pulling yourleg up. Go about as high as you can, get a nice good stretch in there where it’s nothurting but lots of tension. Hold it for 30 seconds and then relax. You can bend yourknee a little bit like that so you don’t have to come all the way back up, and then do thata total of 3 times. The next one is your quad muscle. You can do this a couple differentways, but if you don’t want to get a belt or a towel or something, you can just turnon your side grab you ankle and pull back

behind you. If you knee is coming forwardlike this, you’re not actually stretching that quad very well. So try and bring yourleg back, past the plane and pull your heel towards your bottom as much as you can. Holdthat for 30 seconds and then relax. And then do that 3 times. Now if you’re not as flexiblelike me to be able to grab your ankle, then you can use a towel or a belt and kind ofwrap it around the ankle so you can pull on it a little bit. Now we’re going to go intoa bit of strengthening. Once get the knee nice and stretched out. If you have your rollhandy, I like using a target for my knee. Cause I feel like people push a little harderif they have a target. You don’t have to put

anything under your knee, but I think it reallyhelps it out. This is gonna be what we call a quad set. So basically, you;re trying totake your knee, and push it down into the towel as hard as you comfortable can. Tryingto straighten out that knee. Hold it there for about 35 seconds, and then relax. Doabout 1015 of those, and do about 23 sets. Holding it for about 35 seconds. If you pullyour toes up, that will help push it down. And then relax it. The next one is an actualstraight leg raise. So get down on the ground nice and comfortable. Again pull your toesup cause that’s gonna help lock out your knee. You want your leg to stay nice and straightfor this. If you feel like your knee is bent,

then you’re not quite getting the exercisethat’s gonna be beneficial for this. So pull your toes nice and tight, and bring your legup trying to keep it straight, just to about equal to the other leg when it’s bent up.So not this, that’s actually changing the exercise, and not actually getting a muchbenefit with the muscles. But just bring it here and then slowly come back down. Don’tlet gravity just drop it back down, but really control it. Going up and down. Again startwith 1015 and then work your way up to 23 sets of those. If those become easy, you canactually add some ankle weights after that. And then the last one, is gonna be lying onyour side. THe leg that you want to work is

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