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Im david northcutt and id like to give you some information on metatarsalgia. Metatarsalgia is a generalized term for pain in the forefoot. The pain typically occurs just behind your toes on the bottom of the foot. Oftentimes pain will occur or be worse with walking barefoot on hard surfaces. You may experience metatarsalgia from overuse from activities such as running and jumping. Sometimes this pain can develop by wearing an illfitting pair of shoes this also can include high heeled shoes, due to the excess.

Of pressure placed on the front part of the foot. certain foot types can cause more weight to be placed on the ball of the feet, which can predispose you to developing metatarsalgia. Another contributing factor includes obesity, which applies excessive pressure to the feet. Sometimes pain in the ball of the foot can be capsulitis, which typically affects the second toe joint. This occurs when ligaments surrounding the joint at the base of the second toe become inflamed. Pain is usually worse when walking barefoot on hard surfaces. If.

This is not treated, there will be continued weakening of the surrounding ligaments, which can cause dislocation of the toe, and a hammertoe deformity. The diagnosis of capsulitis and metatarsalgia will include a history and physical exam of the foot and ankle, including range of motion tests and testing for the stability of the joints. Xrays will be taken. Treatment of these conditions usually begins with resting and ice. It also includes reducing pressure to the area, or antiinflammatories also can.

Be helpful. shoe modifications and padding are used to take pressure off of the painful areas and taping or splinting of the toes sometimes can be beneficial. Usually stretching exercises also are performed if you have tight calf muscles. If these nonsurgical treatments fail, surgery may need to be performed. If caught early, typically nonsurgical treatments often are sufficient. If you have any symptoms of pain in the front part of your foot, just behind the toes, please contact us at Dallas Podiatry.

I Had Bunion Surgery Why Does the Ball of My Foot Hurt Now

Hi, so today we’re going to answer the question, why does the ball of my foot hurt since i’ve had bunion surgery? And this can be very frustrating. You have surgery to correct a pain in the big toe joint and at the bunion, and all of a sudden, now you’re having pain elsewhere on your foot, under the ball of the foot, for example. And, it’s also a very, very common problem. So first, let’s look at what happens during bunion surgery. So here’s essentially what.

A bunion looks like, and our goal, when we do surgery on it, is to bring it over so it’s straight and we don’t have this bump over here anymore. To do that, we have to make a cut in this big first metatarsal bone here. So the cut may be down here, it may be up here, but one way or another, we have to make a cut in that bone to slide the bone over to correct the bunion. Whenever you cut bone, however, that bone will shorten a little bit as it heals. So what happens is, this big first metatarsal bone right here, which should.

Be bearing about half the weight of the ball of the foot, it’s now a little shorter, and from the side, that means that it’s a up a little bit. It’s not bearing as much weight as it was before, and so this second metatarsal bone has to take up more pressure. So there’s a large percentage of patients that do have bunion surgery that end up with a problem underneath here. It could be pain under this area, it could be a callus forming under the area. Occasionally, it’s not common, but occasionally you can even get a stress.

Fracture in this second metatarsal bone. so when this occurs, our goal is simply to get the pressure off of this area and transfer that pressure elsewhere, either back here or over in this direction, and sometimes back onto that first metatarsal bone over here. We do that by putting something inside your shoe than conforms fairly close to the arch of the foot, something that’s going to transfer pressure from the ball of the foot and get that pressure under the arch.

So that can be an overthecounter arch support. if you go to our website, you can look up ball of foot pain and you’ll come up with a list of some of the better overthecounter supports that you can use for this problem. If that’s not enough, see your podiatrist about getting a custom orthotic. Custom orthotics for this problem, which can be fullsized like this one for athletic shoes or made small for dress shoes, they’re going to work a bit better. Actually, they can work a lot better than the overthecounter devices because.

They can conform much closer to the arch of the foot. in addition, we can incorporate into those orthotics, special pads like this one that will transfer more pressure off the ball of the foot and onto the metatarsals here, and we can add extra cushion under there to take some more pressure off of it. But, it’s fairly simple to get the pressure off of that area, so if you’re having pain after your bunion surgery, don’t live with it. Go back and see your podiatrist, see about.

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