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Well today we’re talking about problems that can arise if you don’t take proper care your feet.One of those painful issues is plantar fasciitis.Here to tell us what that is and what causes it is tara lee from good feet.Hey, casey.Welcome to the show.Thank you.It’s good to have you back.And of course we’re talking up plantar fasciitis and you said this is the number one problem you see from folks in your store.It is and it can be debilitating for a lot of customers.So tell us what exactly it is.

Well, plantar is the bottom of the foot.Fasciitis is the inflammation of the ligament here.Now the fascia inserts at the heel bone and runs all the way to the toes here.From the ball of the toes.It can get stretched out, it can get inflamed.It kind of acts as a bow, so it continues to get stretching or tearing, it can rip the little fibers in the ligament.So, you said it can feel like a stabbing of a knife in the heel, yes.And all the way through the foot, in some cases.

So what causes it well if you wear flip flops, you’re grabbing with your toes that can pull on the fascia.Anybody that stands on their feet for their occupation.Whether it’s nurses, teachers factory workers who work not wearing the proper shoe.Any sudden increase in physical activity that can cause plantar fasciitis.Obesity, where your flattening your foot and stretching that tendon.That’s not a good thing for customers.Really anything they causes that overstretching.Yes the stretching, pulling and tearing.So, of course pain, but what are the other symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

When you wake up in the morning and put your heels down.It’s like you’re grabbing it and everything to get goin’.That can be very debilitating for customers.Once you get going a lot of times that pain will subside in the feet.There are times when for customers it’ll go through the day, all day long and have that stabbing pain in the heel.Okay, but good feet, your store can actually have something that helps people who aren’t dealing with plantar fasciitis.What do you have what helps them the arch supports here.

Unlike other supports, our support to support all four or the arches.We’re supporting the inner, outer, longitudinal arch of the foot.This is going to stabilize the foot, so it’s gonna kinda keep the motion or minimize the motion.The metatarsal rise here’s gonna take pressure off the toes and the ball of the foot.It’s going you let the toes lie in their natural exposition, so that’s gonna stop the stretching on the fascia.The transverse arch here we’ll take the pressure off that heel.So, combination the support, all four arches have been supported.

It’s going to feel like a golf ball under the middle the ligament here, which is going to relieve it and stop the tearing and the stretching of the foot.Unlike shots of cortisone, ibuprofen, and other overthecounter inserts.Okay, this is probably the most intense arch you have it is the exerciser.But, you have some other ones that are a bit lighter.These are a little bit different.They’re all going to hit different areas of the feet.Some allow the foot to rest and relax.With these here the exercisers its going to reshape the foot.

So, you’re getting a workout wearing the support.This is going to hit you further back int he heel, more to the inside arch and then the relaxer will allow the feet to rest and relax.And by doing all three of these arch supports, you can put them in just about any shoe that you wear.So, if you do wear flip flops its gonna stop the plantar fasciitis as well.You can fit them in flip flops yes, any shoe.Just about any shoe you wear.Now, who’s the most common person to get.

Plantar fasciitis mostly women or anybody between 40 to 60 years of age.Of course they can come in and get a fitting to see if they need help.Thank you so much, tara, as always.Sure.Good feet has two convenient locations.One in nashville that’s at 27 white bridge road give them a call it 615 353 7200.You can also look for them in murfreesboro.That’s at 833 north thompson lane the number there 615 217 7100.You can also find more info on their website that’s good feet nashville.

How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis in 1 week

Hey, guys, Axe here.Today i’m going to share with you my secrets to curing plantar fasciitis, and i can tell you from being a triathlete myself, over the years i’ve struggled with injuries and pain like plantar fasciitis and itb syndrome and other injuries that for most people they have to live with for a long time.But what i did was i did research and found the natural cures and natural ways to really improve plantar fasciitis.Now, there are four secrets to curing plantar fasciitis.Number one, doing deep tissue work.

On the area number two, stretching number three, there are actually nutritional foods and supplements that can cure plantar fasciitis and last but not least, strengthening the muscles of your feet.So let me go through the four ways that you can cure your plantar fasciitis.Number one, deep tissue massage.You can hire a massage therapist or the cheapest, most effective way to do it is either get a tennis ball or a baseball at home, or my favorite is a rolling pin, and put this right under your foot here like so.You can do this barefoot.

Or with a sock on, and really just kind of going deep over time, stretching out that tendon.What happens when you have plantar fasciitis, that tendon and fascia becomes very, very tight and it starts to stretch out, just like if you pulled a muscle on your low back or let’s say your neck.Getting deep tissue massage breaks up the scar tissue, relaxes the muscles.So going back and forth about two minutes at a time, really just kind of getting in that one little area like so.That is the number one thing you can do to.

Help cure your plantar fasciitis.And i would do this twice, two to three times a day for about two to five minutes.Start off at two.Work your way up to five minutes.The second thing you want to do to cure your plantar fasciitis is do deep stretching.I would go and get a block, or a set of stairs is the easiest way to do this.And really, again, find a set of stairs and really just kind of stretch that area.Lean up against there, so doing deep stretching of that plantar tendon.

The third secret to curing plantar fasciitis, and by the way this is very, very important, is getting certain nutrients in your body that help relax tendons.Those nutrients are number one, magnesium.Magnesium is essential, doing about 500 mg a day.I would do 500 mg right before bed.That relaxes that muscle.That’s the number one nutrient for healing plantar fasciitis.Also, along with magnesium, doing vitamin b5.It’s called pantothenic acid.That’s been shown to help relax the muscle and help heal the plantar tendon.Number three is fish oil.Getting more omega3s in your diet can also help heal that area.So.

Remember magnesium, remember vitamin b5 and also doing, as we talked about, fish oil, and then vitamin c can also help with the absorption of b5, another good thing to do.But make sure you’re following an antiinflammatory diet.Getting those supplements will help relax that plantar tendon.And last but not least, one of the main causes of plantar fasciitis is actually not wearing the right type of shoes and having weak foot muscles.Our bodies were meant to be moving barefoot.That’s our original design, walking barefoot, where a lot of these shoes today.

Cause us to compensate and only use certain areas of our foot, and so actually most of our feet muscles get weak.So actually walking around barefoot or switching over to barefoot shoes, these are the original vibram shoes that i have, these sort of barefoot shoes.They really actually strengthen your tendon.Now what i wear today are these merrells, which don’t have the five fingers but they still have these vibram bottom.So this is more of a barefoot shoe.Wearing barefoot shoes will help strengthen your calf muscles.

It’ll help strengthen one of those many, many little muscles within your feet.It’s going to help raise your arch.So that’s actually going to help strengthen your foot, longterm help improve your plantar fasciitis.And by the way, slow into this when you’re wearing barefoot shoes.I recommend just starting off one hour, maybe even 30 minutes during the day.Over time, kind of work your way up.A lot of people do barefoot running today.You may even work into that a little bit.But just remember this.There are four cures to fix your plantar fasciitis.Number one,.

As we’ve talked about, doing deep tissue rolling on the area with either a tennis ball or a rolling pin.Number two, doing that stretching for about a minute to three minutes, two to three times a day.Number three, nutrition.Listen, your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to relax the muscle.Magnesium and fish oil are very, very important as we talked about, and vitamin b5.And last but not least, switch the shoes you’re wearing.Start getting out, walking barefoot, wearing barefootlike shoes.If you do those four things, you’re.

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Good feet columbus tv foot pain plantar fasciitis relief back pain arch supports orthotics,Columbus foot pain heel pain call 6148809255 plantar fasciitis arch pain feet hurt what about your knees hips and back before taking another step. Foot pain albany good feet arch supports running shoes heel back plantar fasciitis pain relief,Albany foot pain heel pain call 5184582724 now plantar fasciitis arch pain feet hurt what about your knees hips and back before taking another. The root causes of plantar fasciitis and how to treat them,To learn what shoes will help go herepfsurvivalguideplantarfasciitisshoes for toe spreading devices check out my recommendations.

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Tampa good feetarch supportsfoot painplantar fasciitisback painbunionsheel painorthotics,Tampa foot pain plantar fasciitis heel pain tampa bay sarasota good feet arch supports foot pain feet hurt what about your knees hips and back. Best running shoes for plantar fasciitis 2015,Visitplantarfasciitisguru for more details plantar fasciitis common in runnersheel pain can occur either in one foot or both feet for both men and. Plantar fasciitis running shoes choosing the best running shoes for heel pain,How to select the right running shoes to wear if you have plantar fasciitis for long days it is very important to know if you suffer from the heel pain of plantar.

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Nashville plantar fasciitis relief good feet store wsmv tv foot pain heel toe fascia pain,Nashville foot pain heel pain 6152177100 murfreesboro plantar fasciitis arch pain feet hurt what about your knees hips and back before taking. Jacksonville good feet store arch supports foot pain plantar fasciitis heel back relief fast shoes,Jacksonville foot pain feet pain jacksonville floridagood feet heel pain arch pain orthopedic arch supports hip pain. Best shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis shoe inserts walkfit as seen on tv,Tinyccwalkfitnew walkfit walk fit orthopedic shoes shoe inserts as seen on tv walkfit orthopedic inserts that allow you to walk your way to fitness.

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