Botox Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

How bad are your heels hurting when you get out of bed in the morning? just those first few steps can kill you. Ouch! You’ve got heel pain! And that heel pain is caused by inflammation along the bottom part of your foot. Well here at El Paso feet that’s what we take care of every single day, and usually we can get you feeling better without surgery. So give us a call at (915) 4916346 or hop online make an appointment at ElPasoFeet . We’re here to help you and.

Achilles Tendonitis Tendinopathy Explained in 90 Seconds

Achilles tendonitis is now more accurately known as achilles tendinopathy. this is because it is not thought to be an inflammatory condition and is more likely to be due to the degeneration of the tendon. Symptoms include a gradual onset of pain, stiffness and aching of the tendon and a thickened often reddened appearance. The tendon is usually tender to touch and may contain lumps known as nodules. Initially any pain on exercise may fade as you continue and the tendon warms up. Without treatment pain will become constant and in order to.

Successfully treat achilles tendonitis you must determine what has caused it and the correct problem. Common causes include a sudden increase in activity, a change of footwear or training surface, weak or tight calf muscles, wearing high heels, running up hill and over pronation. Treatments include rest from any aggravating activities, ice or cold therapy treatment, ultrasound and the temporary use of a heel raise. Stretching exercises and eccentric strengthening such as heel drop exercises should be incorporated into a rehabilitation.

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