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There’s a new drug on the market that will help cure hepatitis C which of course is great news because for a very long time it’s been very difficult to cure it is a liver disease and it affects more people than HIV does in fact let me give you some numbers uh hepatitis C impact about three million Americans and also 117 million worldwide when it comes to HIV is 1.1 million Americans and $34 million globally so obviously both are very serious but more victims of hepatitis C so thankfully there is a new drug on the market that can help cure it it’s known.

As so ball deep and it costs about one thousand dollars per pill and if you’re wondering how long you need to be on this treatment in order to get cured it’s about at 12 weeks for the program and it runs the average user about 84 thousand dollars so the reason why this is being covered by the press right now is because some are questioning whether or not this is a fair price for something that is supposed to cure a terrible disease right and there has been some analysis on this.

And you know this indicates that if you want to produce the drug it’s about $150 to $250 per person right to present to produce the drug why you need to charge a thousand dollars per pill think I’m gonna play devil’s advocate for a moment and because I have major problems with the have pharmaceutical medical industrial complex in this country and I hoped that we have a forprofit medical system I think it’s from highly immoral but aside from that being being the case that we do have a forprofit medical.

Hepatitis C Cure Discovered

A system in this country yes that is the cost of production at the drug but what’s the factor here RD on this drive how long did it take to develop how many people have to be paid how much money was funneled in to coming up with this treatment and a lot of times what happens is that one kinda hallmark drug for a drug company for pharmaceutical company have to pay for development of other drugs that they also do so I think sometimes it’s it a little more complicated than just.

This is how much it cost to produce this is how much they should sell aborn order to get a good profit that being said is this a fair profit I don’t know because the things like significantly higher seems very excessive and I i like the you point all that out care because there are some details that I should mention to the audience so for instance Gilead Sciences Inc that is the pharmaceutical company that produces this drug they actually acquired another company that began and other research on it and.

They spent about $11 billion dollars on that right so large it would be well you know what they need to get a return on their investment and they need to turn a profit let’s keep it real we have a profit motive here and they want to make some money off it but even considering that all they would need I is about 150,000 people to purchase their drug in order to already make up for that investment anything above that is now going to be a profit right so.

Let’s let’s take that into consideration and bring the cost down however after southern vice president others pharmaceutical company talk to the press and not suggestion was offered to him he basically said yet we’re likely to do that we might help some americans when it comes to the cost but we’re looking to make some money here and they know that they’re looking to make money in american market because truth be told this is that this is a horrible epidemic in america is in even worse epidemic globally they know they can’t make that kind of money in a global market the have to.

Charge less money once they start selling this drug to people in second and third world in developing nations and so america’s going to be the market where they have to recoup their investment unfortunately now that being said most americans in this country now have access to to affordable health care and so I wonder how much their health insurance is going to play into this conversation they you they’ve got to be able to get access even if they have a preexisting condition like hepatitis C so is this drug going to be covered by their.

Health plan let’s hope so yeah it’s always interesting to see the specifics on the Affordable Care Act in and how it will impact certain cases like this but another thing to take into consideration is that some people do not need I’m some people need more than 12 weeks of treatment some people need double the trip in order to cure the condition so alright I mean how can you imagine even spending more than eighty four thousand dollars on curing your cell from hepatitis C thats inconceivable I mean if someone came to me and said you need that money.

To cure yourself from something that will eventually kill you HK come up with that kinda money yeah i know i here here’s another interesting counterpoint there which again it not a moral argument on my point I might on my side but I think it’s an important point to make until this drug was developed there was no cure for hepatitis C there were only treatments they were only thing that would keep the disease at bay and they were they had horrible sight they of course what side effects.

And a lifetime of those treatments may face treatments was going to run is significantly more than it was not so that’s actually good save the average person would have but I didn’t win money so wat me so this this is it G definite cure for hepatitis A title no kidding yeah I’m not feeling that great so would you pay eighty four thousand dollars a year happy if this is for real this for real so how are you at one point I wanna make see you gave like the most reasonable.

Example love the calculus that goes into well we we spent a lot on my develop it we make our money back you were totally reasonable some people I think on the right would go a step farther and sorta at with like it i guess im Atlas Shrugged sorta point if you like how dare you even discuss how much they should be allowed get to price it as it like well you know bizarre free market were competing and they came up with the good drugs so they get the charge whatever they want.

But the problem is is that the market is not free at all because they’re going to have a protected patent on this for as 40 in the future as you can see and even right now in the the TPP negotiations are going on right now one big part of it is increasing the duration of medical patents so you can’t on the one hand say we developed in a free market and so we should be on the charger everyone and then say there will be no competition from generic substitutes for this.

Per 1720 even longer years you can’t have it both ways like but apparently you can begin and that was the thing that is the market that they see in this is my main problem this is my my biggest problem with a forprofit health care system health care i think is an unalienable right I think that health care is something that I have a very strong socialist view when it comes to health care and I’m not afraid to say about I think that we should have a single pair.

Option in this country and i think that everybody should be able to to access to affordable health care because you cannot control wife somebody gets sick and why somebody else does and it has absolutely nothing to do with Dani Sordo market you know aum’s inflows in the real danger here is that when you have a free market system surrounding health care your inventive i’d to keep people thick abscess such and damaging damaging system that we have in this country i mean are there any success stories and socialize many I.

This is where at any point anywhere else in the world where people have a better outcome medically where the Maha every got everything all in delaware a shit there are you Andrea every time they have to wait a little while Yahoo they do that tell the truth the interminable saying Canada you have to wait longer to your treatment which is true you ask a man they say you had sex yet the way and then you ask him a bold question which doesn’t get reported would you prefer to go to the american summerlike part no I rather wait for a.

Little I’ll did you know that we are the only developed nation in the world where it’s legal to market drug store directly to the consumer yes is that they are more all yes what do you think about what everywhere else in the world because it highly immoral ask your doctor about whatever antianxiety antidepression drugs that we’re offering you right now and have access the WebMD you know better than he does asking about all sorts and expect to have to quote him as Bill Maher 17 i think is one of the most.

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