Cold Laser Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

Hey Folks, Jeff Williams, CreekstoneIntegrated Care right here in Amarillo, Texas welcome to another tutorial of ours.We’re going to do this tutorial on plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation ofthe fascia, or the sheeth, that goes along the bottom of your foot. Ifyou’ve never had it, you may wonder, quot;Really, the bottom of your foot can hurtthat bad?quot; Ask those that have had plantar fasciitisthey will tell you that it is it is painful, it’s debilitating, and justbasically it hurts and it hurts really badly. Plantar fasciitis keeps you fromdoing the things that you once loved to

do. So you go to the and what dothey do? Chances are they’re going to give youpain meds; probably cortisone shots. Maybe they suggest some orthotics, somestretching, and therapy. Tools to help manage the pain and then you may findyourself wondering or thinking, quot;Well, maybe I don’t want to just manage the pain. If that’s you, you may find yourself thinking, quot;I don’t want to just manage mypain I want it gone for good.quot; But, sadly many people end up going this route ofjust managing the pain for for a long time.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to justkeep managing your pain. There are things that can help with plantar fasciitis.There are many techniques to be used it can help release the fascia in just a fewvisits sometimes. There’s also many other modalities that can help as well withyour foot pain. Some of the most effective ways to treat plantarfasciitis are as follows: 1. Cold Laser therapy without a doubt. This hasbeen the most effective treatment we’ve ever seen for this. It’ssimply been phenomenal, is relatively inexpensive, is safe and conservative, itsnoninvasive, there’s no recovery time to the

treatments, they don’t hurt at all, andthe treatments only take about five minutes each time so there’s no reasonto not try the cold laser. 2 Myofascial Release which is a form ofmassage advanced massage. I would call it basically combining myofascial releasewith the cold laser is a powerful combination. Myofascial release is ableto aid in stretching out the calf muscles as well as stretching thefascia on the bottom of the feet which speeds up the healing process 3 is Custom Orthotics hereCreek Stone we’ve seen custom

orthotics be highly effective intreating plantar fasciitis as well as in protecting the recovery from plantarfasciitis. It’s good to get the inflammation down but the orthotics helpkeep the recovery. When the framework of the foot is properly supportedeverything attached to the framework is going to function better, including thefascia. We use a laser scanner that is accurate to within two widths of ahair to assess the three arches of the foot. It gives you information and agrading that gives you accurate results as to the need for custom orthotics. It’skind of space age stuff but I promise it’s

really cool 4 home exercises. There’re lotsof exercises you can perform at home to aid, and add to the work done at thes office. We’ve included tutorials in the description below so pleaseclick on those links and go check it out and that way you can get started withyour homework. In addition, we’re also going to link to a previous blog on ourwebsite that highlights plantar fasciitis and common treatments. Itwas written by one of our staff members about her battle and ultimate recoveryfrom plantar fasciitis so be sure you

Houston Podiatrist Discusses Effective Treatments for Heel Pain

Foot pain is not normal. We treat a lot ofheel pain in our office. Patients come in complaining of those first steps out of bedbeing somewhat excruciating with a sharp pain in the bottom of their heel. Though the painmight ease up for a while, it returns as soon as the patient resumes the activities afterresting. This pain is typically due to an overstretching of the ligament located atthe bottom of the foot called the plantar fascia. This causes a condition called plantarfasciitis. We treat plantar fasciitis conservatively with icing, stretching, physical therapy,antiinflammatories, and possibly a cortisone injection. In our office we use diagnosticultrasound to visualize the pathology causing

your heel pain. I’m also excited to tell youabout a new treatment for heel pain called Cold Laser Therapy in which a high intensitylight beam is used to stimulate the body’s own healing capabilities to alleviate yourheel pain. The procedure is performed right here in our office, requires no anesthesia,is painless and has no sideeffects. We also utilize EPAT, which uses high energy soundwavesto stimulate your growth factors and promote quicker healing. Once the pain and inflammationhas been managed, we will address the underlying biomechanical issues to alleviate the pressureon the plantar fascia by prescribing a custom orthotic. Custom orthotics are inserts thatfit into your shoes, which are custom molded

specifically to your foot to correct the biomechanicsand bring your foot into a more natural position. We find that most of our patients respondto conservative treatment with favorable outcomes. So, if you’re suffering with heel pain, don’twait until it becomes a chronic problem. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll get you backto the activities you love in no time. And remember, foot pain is not normal.

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