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Welcome back to AM Northwest. Your feet are your body’s wheels and your arches are your shock absorbers and just like a car sometimes you need a tune up Here to show us more, please welcome from Good Feet Dan Austad. It’s nice to be here that got ppl like you’re the only really Your feet are you tires aren’t they And you need good tires. Let’s talk about arch support first off and how your feet can sometimes get you back pain, joint pain, hip pain because something going on the feet is that correct That’s correct.

We carry the most arch supports than anybody in the country so when you come in, it’s pretty easy to fit you and find the right support for you. We have some that are designed to exercise and improve the arch. We have a 3step system and improve the arch and then we have some that maintain the foot, so this can go in dress shoes, tight shoes and even high heels for women. It’s also really good to take to the gym to workout in and I don’t know if many people.

Can see but but yeah there’s extra support in that arch. Is it because people often their natural arch just collapses or shoes aren’t built with the proper support Ya most shoes do not have much of a support. As we get older, our feet flatten and then get they get longer, you go to a bigger size shoes. So, what the support does is like this one actually wore improve the foot. It will strengthen the arch, improve your foot and this will take all the pressure off the heels the front of the foot.

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Just put them in your shoes and it pretty much fits in every shoe. And you say you carry more than just about anybody else are and these are designed off the perfect foot Yeah, more of an ideal foot like this. So we raise the foot into the ideal position, so if your feet are flattening we’re just bringing it back up that’s why it can really help the knees, hips, and back So, if one foot is flatter than the other one like this one, it drops the arch on that side so we raise both arches the same,.

It puts the knees, hips and back in an even straighter line. And you’ll actually stand 23 inches straighter, just standing in the supports. I wouldn’t mind standing a couple inches taller. I got turned onto arch supports when I had plantar fasciitis and it really made a difference right away. How long do you have to wear them Do you wear them all the time after that Most people, when they get the supports, they come in for some type of problem or something like plantar fasciitis. You don’t have to wear them all your life, but most people find once they start wearing the.

Arch supports they’ll want to wear it everyday cuz their feet feel so much better with them. Now I see some some insoles here too. Are these just for more comfort Ya, often in our system, we put this over the top of the support, so it locks it into place. So it’s not sliding around. Oh very good. When people come in, how do you fit them for the right size Well when you come in, we take a free footprint to see where the pressure is on the foot, how high the arches are.

We’ll actually compare it what an idea foot looks like. And then we’ll find out what activities you do, work you know how many hours you’re on your feet things like that, and most people come in for specific reasons we’ll find out what that is and there was just bring out the supports you’ll get to try them, see exactly what they do. So what I’m hearing you say is that you can just grab a set of arch supports may not be the right arch supports for your feet.

And your activity that’s why it’s important to be fitted for them. No, you have to be really fitted, custom fit. That make sense, alright Good Feet store locations I’m sure near your. Clackamas, Salem, Hillsboro, Tigard. Give a call 5035464224 but today we have a special offer, just for you. Head to the AM Northwest section of our website and click on the great deals icon and there you can purchase a fifty dollar gift certificate at Good Feet for only twentyfive dollars. But hurry up, limited, first come, first serve.

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