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What’s up everybody Justin Hays here from SuperhumanPursuits. You might have noticed the lighting is a little bit better today. I actually got two new lights and a microphone. I’m hoping to make these tutorials a bit more engaging, entertaining, and in turn more educational. Anything that ups the quality, that’s what I’m chasing. Hopefully, this fits the bill. I want to talk a little bit about running again. I know I spoke about it in the last post, and I don’t want you to think that I’m gearing this blog.

Towards running. That’s not the case. It just so happens there has been a lot of events in my area, the St. Louis area, like tough mudder or Warrior Dash, and I’ve heard a lot of conversation about running in general. That’s where I want to start this off. I hear when people start to run or get involved in it heavily, I start to hear people talk about their gait cycle. They might not necessarily refer to it as gait cycle, but that is what they’re talking about when they’re saying, Do I overpronate Do I.

Underpronate Do I forefoot strike Do I heel strike Runners will talk to each other and someone will say, Oh, I have a problem with overpronation. Then I’ll hear this general advice, and the general advice is usually related to go to such and such store and grab a pair of running shoes or go to such and such place, such and such doctor and look into orthotics. I just want to say that if you look at how your foot strikes and think about it, it’s almost common sense that what’s going on above that at the.

Orthotics and Custom Running Shoes Before You Buy.Please Listen!

Knee joint, at the hip joint, in your core, those things dramatically affect how your foot’s going to strike. If you don’t stabilize the core region, if you lack certain stability or mobility in the hips, if your knees are caving in or caving out, these are the big players in what’s going on at the foot level. If you were to go and just get an orthotic or get a running shoe and try to correct this pattern by just looking at that alone, you’re not going to solve the problem. An orthotic or a running shoe with a lift or a high arch.

Is not going to solve a core stability issue you have, a hip mobility issue you might have, or good activation issue you might have. It’s not going to solve any of those problems. My piece of advice, please, please, please, please if you’ve thought about getting orthotics, if you’ve thought about getting shoe inserts or high arch to custom made running shoes, before you do that, go ahead and find out if you’re functionally sound. Go ahead and search for good training and see if everything is working properly from a functional level above that.

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