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Welcome back to Foundation Physical Therapy’s YouTube Channel. I am barefoot because we are going to work on strengthening the intrinsic musculature of the foot that you can’t really see that really play a big part in maintaining good foot posture while you’re running. Where your foot doesn’t collapse and smash to the inside like that. Instead you can maintain a nice neutral arch like this. So we’re going to do just something simple called a towel curl. We have a weight on here at the time but you don’t need the weight to start.

With you can even start by curling a towel without any resistance. So without the towel I’ll first demonstrate the wrong and the right way to do it. The common compensation is people do this and they curl these most distal or the knuckles of the foot that are farther closer to the end of the toes and they don’t curl this line of knuckles here. So this is the appropriate way to do it. You notice the entire arch of the foot lifts and that gets a good bend here in this row of knuckles that’s more proximal. This is the.

Wrong way to do it the foot actually collapses to the inside a little bit and I’m curling these toes way on the outside. And what you do is you just rest your foot on a towel and you try to work the towel towards you. Once you get to the end you can just kick it back out to straight. Then you come back. And this is a great activity you can do at your computer while you’re looking at YouTube tutorials or during commercial breaks watching TV and you.

Towel Curls

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