Exercise After Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

When you have minimally invasive bunion surgery, or any bunion surgery, we like to make sure that you can get as much motion and mobility in the big toe joint as possible after the surgery. So today, we’re going to instruct our young patient on how to do range of motion exercises. I’m going to put a little X right here and right here. And what you do is you use your opposite hand so, since this is a left foot I’m going to use my right hand two fingers under the big toe, and my thumb on the first X. And I’m going to raise the.

Toe as high as it will go and hold it there for a minute. After a minute is up, I’m going to switch directions and I’m gonna put my two fingers under the first X and my thumb on top of the second X and I’m gonna press down as low as it will go. As low as the big toe will go. And hold that for a minute. We alternate a minute up and a minute down for six minutes twice a day until I tell the patient to stop. That will keep the joint moving and.

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