Experimental Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

Foot pain is not normal. We treat a lot of heel pain in our office. Patients come in complaining of those first steps out of bed being somewhat excruciating with a sharp pain in the bottom of their heel. Though the pain might ease up for a while, it returns as soon as the patient resumes the activities after resting. This pain is typically due to an overstretching of the ligament located at the bottom of the foot called the plantar fascia. This causes a condition called plantar fasciitis. We treat plantar fasciitis conservatively.

With icing, stretching, physical therapy, antiinflammatories, and possibly a cortisone injection. In our office we use diagnostic ultrasound to visualize the pathology causing your heel pain. I’m also excited to tell you about a new treatment for heel pain called Cold Laser Therapy in which a high intensity light beam is used to stimulate the body’s own healing capabilities to alleviate your heel pain. The procedure is performed right here in our office, requires no anesthesia, is painless and has no sideeffects. We also utilize EPAT, which uses high energy soundwaves to stimulate your growth factors and promote.

Quicker healing. Once the pain and inflammation has been managed, we will address the underlying biomechanical issues to alleviate the pressure on the plantar fascia by prescribing a custom orthotic. Custom orthotics are inserts that fit into your shoes, which are custom molded specifically to your foot to correct the biomechanics and bring your foot into a more natural position. We find that most of our patients respond to conservative treatment with favorable outcomes. So, if you’re suffering with heel pain, don’t wait until it becomes a chronic problem. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll get you back to the activities you love in no time. And.

Houston Podiatrist Discusses Effective Treatments for Heel Pain

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