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0001 JEFFREY I believe that having the amputation on my foot, would help me walk, move myself around. Be able to wear shoes again. It’s not easy, I’m sorry. 0021 COMM 26yearold Jeffrey Ortega has a condition called proteus syndrome, which affects only two hundred people in the world. It’s character used by overgrowth of the bones, skin and tissue, and has affected Jeffrey’s hands, hips, legs and most of all his feet, which are a size sixteen. 0041 JEFFREY It started underneath the sole of the foot and then over the years it kept on growing.

0046 COMM The condition affects his quality of life so much that Jeffrey feels the only solution is having his left foot amputated. But he can’t afford the operation. 0056 JEFFREY It would help me y’know in many ways because it’s been very painful the last couple of years. Unfortunately I don’t have the sources for it, I’m in the desperate need of amputation. 0107 COMM Jeffrey’s condition became apparent when he was only a baby and progressed quickly. By the age of eleven he was unable to wear regular shoes because his feet were too big.

0121 JEFFREY I used to be wearing just socks or bare feet. I was bullied a lot, from being spit on, making fun of the shoes. They used to say that I used to wear my dad’s shoes. 0132 COMM Jeffrey’s mother Alicia also faced prejudice due to her son’s rare condition. 0137 ALICIA I decided to move to an apartment with a swimming pool because I thought that would be good for improving the movement of his body, but the other residents said no. When Jeffrey was in the swimming pool other.

Please Amputate My Size 16 Foot

People wouldn’t go in the pool. They said if we wanted to keep living there we needed a letter saying his illness was not contagious. That hurt. 0206 COMM One of the biggest challenges for Jeffrey and his mother, is keeping his feet clean because of the crevices that have formed in his swollen flesh. 0214 JEFFREY If I didn’t wash my feet during the day when I was in college the odour was so strong that even flies started falling on my feet. 0227 COMM Jeffrey has been wearing the same shoes.

For the past four years, because it’s nearly impossible for him to find a pair that fit him. 0235 JEFFREY It’s sad for me to go to a store and see my family find shoes, and they find them with no problem and for me I have to ask at the store manager. It’s not easy, it bring me down. It does kill me because I’m sorry. 0258 TOM I’ve never seen anyone come in before with Jeffrey’s condition. It’s first for us and we’ve been here for twenty years. I think.

Getting something that’s going to fit him customised is going to be better than something that’s generic, off the shelf which really isn’t going to be good for his foot. 0317 COMM So far Jeffrey has had eleven unsuccessful surgeries performed on his legs. He’s now so desperate to improve his quality of life he’s considering extreme measures. 0328 JEFFREY The good solution we thought of, amputation. It would help me because I could walk again, and even I wouldn’t have to use a wheelchair any more. I can start walking.

03′ COMM Jeffrey says that doctors have agreed to amputate but only if he can fund the operation himself. 0345 JEFFREY On the GoFundMe I put in the campaign. The whole procedure it costs almost in the $30,000 to $40,000. Because it can be from the process of doing the surgery, buying the prosthetic and doing the follow ups. 0401 ALICIA It’s difficult. I’m above all a lonely woman with a son. But God has always sent angels our way. Always. Our biggest wish is that someone with a good heart will help us with the amputation and the prostheses. That.

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