Foot Pain Cuboid Treatment

Hello I’m Doctor Heather Moore owner of Total Performance Physical Therapy. Today we’re going to go over a few things that you can do if you’re running and you experience foot pain, a lot of times we treat undiagnosed foot pain meaning it just kinda came up there is no trauma, there is no pinch nerve it’s just pain as you’re running. It can be at the bottom of your foot, it can be at your toes so these are just a few things to help you stretch out or get rid of a lot of garbage that’s going on in your foot when you run.

The first stretch that you want to do is called the tib anterior stretch so you’re going to stretch out the front of the muscles uo in your foot so you’re just going to curve your toes under, push them against the floor nice and easy, you’re going to hold that for 6 times 30 seconds you want to do this both sides regardless if you’re having foot pain or not on either side, you should feel a gentle stretch up through here and into your toes, stop when you feel a gentle stretch if you don’t feel it all the way up to your.

Shinthat’s okay, all you feel is in the front of your foot don’t try and push down your foot any further, stop when you feel that nice and gentle stretch. The next stretch that you’re going to do is for the bottom of the foot and for the toes, so you’re going to find a wall in our case it’s a table to put your toes up against, you’re going to bend your toes to almost a 90 degree angle and push your foot flat down on to the floor so the balls on the feet are contact with the floor, you should feel a nice gentle.

How to treat foot pain

Stretch in the bottom of the foot up near the toes, you may not be able to get the balls of the feet all the way down to the floor that’s okay, that a goal that you want to work out to you just want to make sure that you keep a nice gentle stretch on the muscles at all times and that you’re not feeling pain with this stretch. The final thing that you want to do is actually work the muscles of the foot out, a golf ball works well, a.

Tennis ball is not generally recommended because they’re flat and with the fingers or with the toes and the middle tarsals on the foot, you want to be able to get in to the different regions so what you want to do is take a uvc ball here and all you want to do is just roll it around on your foot nice and easy, using as much pressure as you feel comfortable do this for about 5 minutes every day, you can do it a couple times a day, you just don’t.

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