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POOR TYLER INJURED HIS FOOT We Go On A Nature Walk We Are The Davises

Tyler is not awake are you excited to go on the nature tour no no no nature to her so your foot you are still limping I know is it hurting worse no these are dads I did not put them in here daddy did it someday you will be wearing dads shorts good morning how are you doing my little sleepy boo go away go away are you excited to go on a nature tour it depends on the nature tour yeah I am curious to find out myself hopefully that will be some butterflies and you can chase them all right get dressed hey guys it’s the Davises and we are on our way to Jacksonville Arboretum so hopefully I’m sure it will be a great trip for everybody and were going to go check out some cool little plants flowers.

And trees and butterflies and birds butterflies oh my God look it’s a Caterpillar can I touch him yes pick them up I’m scared hang on the me get a leaf to put them on yea I got him I’m scared to touch him but I taught him is that your new friend yes oh there is a hawk it’s a beautiful hawk look there he goes that was cool I couldn’t see it because there was a tree in the way I was giving it to her once and a largemouth bass was right here it came up out of the water I’m not one that normally squeals but I screamed quite loud because I thought it was an alligator so now I always check for the bass stinking chainsaws we are on a nature hike and they are buzzing chainsaws this is a chainsaws natural habitat that’s.

Why where else would you need a chainsaw but in a forest come on think about it I want tadpoles again tadpoles can we see them let’s look I can’t see them they are hiding from the camera I see them but I don’t see them through the camera oh there they go tadpoles tadpoles in nature so we just learned that mango trees and cashew trees if if you touch them they have like a oil on them kinda like poison ivy and people end up going to the so don’t touch those that is very interesting information apparently mango trees are popular in Hawaii so when people move there they don’t realize that they have this poison and then they climb them and then they have to go to the so interesting.

Fact and on this trail there is poison ivy on the side yes there is lots of it so we have to be careful and you guys were standing on some earlier oh my gosh me and Kayla might have poison ivy because we were actually standing on it and we didn’t realize it and we have flipflops I touched the fern I’m crazy and I learned that even if you’re close touch poison ivy you can still get itchy because it goes through why would people want to hang out in the stuff I think it would be safer in your house playing tutorial games and watching TV come out here and step in poison oak and die or something we are roughing it weight can poison Ivy kill you I didn’t know that probably if you eat it I bet you a long time.

Ago when people were trying out different plants to see what they could eat a a lot of them died because they didn’t know that they were eating something poisonous they were like what’s we can’t have that one yeah they watch their neighbor fall over and die and they said okay list not touch that plant let’s see what he has growing in his garden this is Spanish moss Spanish moss they used to use to stuff mattresses with and there was a great fire in 1901 in Jacksonville because the Spanish moss caught on fire and it burned a lot of the town down it was really crazy one thing that you missed on the tour they said do not pick the stuff up off the ground because is full of red ants and chiggers your.

Are only supposed to grab it out of the tree directly now you are infected with red ants and chiggers oh my what are those red ants in chiggers you know what red ants are they like bite they are like fire ants and chiggers chiggers are little black dot like bugs and they burrow into your skin and then you have to dig them out did one dig into you know not yet when I was a kid I got one on me do they kill you I don’t think so I think it just causes infection if they stay in your skin long enough takers they are not fun I want to go back home I wonder if there is a Starbucks near here I don’t think so I need Starbucks now where are we going now we are going to the Jacksonville farmers market know.

We aren’t we are going to Starbucks okay yeh Starbucks yeah we have to do that first so this guy he burns symbols and letters on wood he is using the sunlight to burn them that was a squirrel that he just burned onto a piece of wood using natural sunlight there is a great big reflector are you sure that’s not a cat it looks like a cat so he has this guard right here a get so hot he has this guard so you don’t stand in the way get burned it’s pretty cool dream catchers do you still have your dream catcher Kayla yes the Zen dog is the best that one all right so poor Tyler here he injured his foot last year in football and we had to get him this foot brace somehow in PE while it was hurting before.

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