Foot Pain Increases At Night

This is Deanna, and three months ago we did a procedure on her foot and lower leg for bad burning in the foot. She’d like to tell you her story. What was happening before your operation, Deanna My big toe was numb, burning on the side of my leg really bad. It hurt to walk. At night, it was hard to sleep. If the covers touched the side of my leg, it was very painful. It woke me up. Earlier this summer, three and a half months ago, we did a procedure for pinched nerves.

We had one there on the top, another one here, and there, and on the inside of the ankle. That redness should fade away with time. How is it It’s great. No problems, no burning sensations, the scars don’t bother me. It’s changed my activity level. I’ve lost weight being able to move around, play with my kids, go to the park, enjoy life! Thank you very much, Deanna, that’s wonderful. Something interesting to note about Deanna is that she is a diabetic, but her nerve conduction studies were normal. So, it’s important to rely on physical examination in determining.

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