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The word spa originates from the Roman era Sanus Per Aquam, which means health through water. In 1995, ThermoSpas coined the phrase, We turn water into therapy. In 2001, ThermoSpas partnered with the Arthritis Foundation, and designed the Healing Spa, the only spa to receive the prestigious EaseofUse Commendation from the United States Arthritis Foundation. Arthritis Foundation volunteers worked with the designers and engineers from ThermoSpas in order to help them to understand the unique needs of people with arthritis and the barriers they might have in using a hot tub..

The Healing Spa was not the only ThermoSpas’ product to receive the EaseofUse Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. We invented a system that makes it easy to remove and care for your filter, a cover that’s truly easy to use, a lifting mechanism that requires little to no effort to remove and replace your cover, and even an entry system that made it safe to enter and exit your hot tub. Our patented Throttle Valve requires no finger dexterity. It allows you to control the muchneeded water pressure from as little as eight to as much as 22 pounds per square inch.

Best of all, these unique ThermoSpas features are available in nearly every ThermoSpas hot tub model. It’s no wonder we receive more accolades from our customers than any competitive brand. I stretch every day. It’s part of my routine every day, and I go in the ThermoSpa every day. I find that stretching alone does not relax my muscles as much as using the ThermoSpa in conjunction with stretching. I have an occasional bout of lower back pain and it’s very nice to know that there’s always this remedy waiting for me when I get home..

Treat Knee Surgery and Back Injuries w a Hot Tub

The heat and the massage of the jets enhances my circulation, especially in the wintertime when the pain worsens. So I found that the ThermoSpa enhances my circulation and gives me less pain. And I know if I’m sore, the ThermoSpa will help me get rid of it. The Association of Physical Therapists utilized a ThermoSpas hot tub to conduct a study on people undergoing knee replacement. The study proved patients using the ThermoSpas experienced less pain and more range of motion than patients receiving traditional land treatment. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that showed patients that soaked in a spa regularly.

Reduced their blood sugar levels by 13 percent. The National Sleep Foundation stated that the warm water of a hot tub stimulates the body to release endorphins which reduces stress naturally and helps you fall asleep faster and get a good night’s sleep. I sleep a lot better after I’ve gotten out of my ThermoSpa than I have sitting on a couch while watching TV. If I’m stressed out and I can’t relax, I get into my ThermoSpa for 20 minutes, 25 minutes sometimes, sometimes even 10 or 15 minutes, and it relaxes me so much I go right in the house and I drop right to sleep. It’s like a sleeping pill..

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