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Hi, I’m Chris Harper and with me is Makayla and we are here to demonstrate an application for posterior shin splints. This is when you have pain along the lower and inner shin. Some causes of this may be excessive pronation, overuse, uneven running surfaces, poorly fit or worn out shoes, change in running surface or shoes, or compensation for an injury on the opposite limb. KT Tape helps treat this condition by relieving pressure to reduce pain, provides stability and support, and may increase circulation. For this application we’re going to place a red dot just where the pain may be.

Your pain may be in a slightly different location but this is generally where the pain is for posterior shin splints. Okay, and to begin applying the tape we’re going to put the ankle at a ninety degree or neutral position, we’re going to tear our first full piece of tape and twisting and tearing that backing paper off the logo end the tape. We’re going to apply this just to the outer part of the heel just under the foot and we’re applying this with absolutely zero stretch. We’re going to peel that backer paper off.

So we’re handling it, avoiding touching that adhesive surface of the tape. As we come up and around the heel, we’re going to apply stretch at about fifty percent, so full stretch and then back that off halfway, and we’re going to get right behind that ankle bone as we apply that down and then the last bit of tape we’re just going to remove the backing paper and apply that with absolutely zero stretch. Give the whole thing a good rub just to create some friction and heat and allow that.

KT Tape Posterior Shin Splints

Adhesive to really stick. For our next piece we’re going to tear off a full strip again twisting and tearing the paper on the logo end of the tape and applying this just forward of that first piece. And we apply this with absolute zero stretch and then removing the backing paper we’re then going to come up and apply this with fifty percent stretch but once we get to the ankle we’re going to then planter flex the foot, or in other words point the toes away from the shin.

As we apply the remaining bit of tape. And the last bit is just applied with absolutely zero stretch. We’re going to give the whole application a good rub to create friction and heat and this allows it to stick very well to the skin and get all the edges down well. Okay, that looks great. Some helpful tips before applying clean the skin very well, remove any skin oils or lotions you may have on. Also trim hair so you have better adhesion of the tape to the skin. Also wear a sock to.

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