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Hello and thank you for tuning into Nicole Heart’s YouTube Channel! I’m Nicole and today, I’m going to teach you a home remedy for treating a callus. You’re going to need a piece of stale bread for this remedy. My bread sat out for 2weeks. weeks you’ll also need some apple cider berenger you on the goss or strips uh rags or strips of fabric you love me farm take this is the callous that we’re working with today first thing you want to do is science the bread up with the callous and then.

Break it to the right side its still low too big but acceptable because the calluses in the mail but it’s also tough around the outer side at the callous so you want your bread to be wide enough to cover the entire caps after you select the right size a bread then you’re going to port apple cider vinegar slowly onto the stale bread you’re going to saturate the bread the bread will become soggy then you take the bread and a fix it to the callous then you’re going to you.

Wrap it with your goss or ranks or even fabric whatever you going to use wracked with pay special attention to the space between the toes make sure that you make the fabric full act as you go between the two tolls so that you not uncomfortable if you want to do this two small children or teenagers I suggest you do this at bedtime when they’re no longer going to walk around then you take your take paying close attention to a fix it around the bottom and top a then layer up the skin.

Remedy for Callus, Bunion, or Corn Nicole Heart

Want to stick you take to a thin layer of the skin this will help insure that vinegar does not leak out this is a gentle process this does not hurt then you’re going to carefully slight you take down gently between the two toes and wrap you have to excuse my fingers for looking a bit ashey because it is vinegar that I’ve been working with and then again are you don’t this process is slowly wrapping so that the vinegar does not leak out at the top you don’t want it to you.

Gosh out of the bottom if you’re able to accomplish that by using real estate that’s fine as well and then if you like to make it look a bit more attractive after you’ve used all other small pieces uptake you can use a longer strip to smooth it out a bit begin this process isn’t this part is not necessary unless you’re really interested in looking loose in with their little nicer now sir can you tell me how does it feel slim doesn’t yes K know how does the bread.

Feel as a soggy is it harms firm can you feel it at all how perfect okay are you able to wiggle your toes for us OKC you’re still able to weather just fine is smooth between the toes or is it a bit ruffin rigid some its move perfect so now we know what did it right perfect now I need a sock you pass that sought to me please great now after you have taking your stale bread thank you now after you taking your stale bread Andrew apple cider vinegar and saturated you.

Affix it to the fun where the calluses at wrapping arms and then wrapped in a firm J you’re going to you put a sock over it the song is important the reason using the sake so that when you’re in bed sleeping or you’re walking around throughout the day your shoes rubbing against your foot or if you have a partner in bed with you your spouse in here she is rubbing against your but this is not going to come of so the sock gives you at it protection thank you so much for allowing us to bar you fight.

You all now we are going to remove the tape and take a look at the callous this part may hurt a little actually it might hurt a little bit more than a little make sure you’re careful tension snip I line through your firm tape if you can just want to cut one Strip through very gently so that you do not hurt anyone going to zoom the camera and send that you can seem close at picture calloused sniff through your goddess and slowly on rap Wow oh my gosh.

It’s beginning to break down a cashless wow it’s a lot softer my goodness wow I mean it’s feels like much it’s very very soft wow is specially long after sides and then the metal Wow this home committee works wow that is a big difference I’m not sure if you are can see that the brown that you see is a little bit of the I am Brett that we used the stale bread let me show you what that looks like now there’s are stale bread that had our vinegar on it and the callous is significantly softer.

Now you could simply rub that all it’s so soft that I was simply use a washcloth I use a washcloth with a little bit of a warm water and so now a rabbit finish breaking down that skin after you rabbit and finish breaking down the skin more I would do this again I am tonight and even out tomorrow if necessary I simply rub that skin of wow it’s nice to see it works let’s take another look let’s take a look at your other foot place now it’s time to remove the tape from the other foot.

Take your time doing this process you want to make sure that you don’t cut anyone and then slowly remove the tape from foot and as you can see this is hours stale bread that’s nice and mad to the foot more simply going to pillar of it feels like Plato comes off very easily and I’m going to use it washcloth sprayed with a little after cider vinegar to help us finish getting off the brand oh wow your skin is coming up a look at that the skin just peeling off can you see.

That me zoom in a little bit for you all the skin is literally lifting up callous I it’s probably still kinda party reducing so I’ll put something underneath it so you can see it a little bit better there can you see that the skin is lifted over that maybe can into how it’s completely lifted up somebody s skin and everything else is very soft the rest up the skin around s of and on the callous and you can see it’s very soft around the world you can see that I am.

This room washer sitting on it it’s completely softened up this one doesn’t feels much like mush as the other foot but it is softer and skill is pulling apart I would then take a washcloth in the shower and our rock back and forth to help finish loosening up to skin that I would do this process again for as many days in a row as it took to you completely were down accounts to your satisfaction it’s nice to see that this home remedy works obviously it isn’t going to work.

Ass rapidly as toxic chemicals will work because that’s literally eating into your skin but the vinegar offers a safe alternative too slowly removing your callous nice job what do you think what you into could fill that see what you think hefley softer yeah I feel the skin coming baseless pulled of with a few right are you impressed I’m I great let’s take a look at your but the bar scene effort but yeah I had an opportunity to fill it I don’t feel it’s who you think yes.

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