Foot Pain Unbearable

How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis and Get Heel Pain Relief hello my name is Diana three years ago I had the most painful experience of my life yes it was even worse than childbirth seriously I didn’t know what was going on day in day out the paint just wasn’t getting any better I went to the doctor only for him to tell me that I had stressed that my feet wearing shoes that didn’t support the arch my feet he prescribed me water pills because my ankles were swelled up like balloons.

Was that a site okay so what about the pain I wanna get rid of it now well the doctor said it will take some time to heal so I went home from the doctor thinking it should get a little better every day right wrong it went from bad to worse every morning I would get out of bed and I couldn’t walk without holding onto everything in my site okay so I have to go to work how am I going to stand on my feet for 8 hours I can even make it ten steps to the next room.

Well I did get myself into a pair shoes arch support I also took a lot of pain pills two weeks went by and I was still hobbling around and in unbearable pain well I went to work one day and one of my customers sunny hobbling around and she knew right away what I had when I describe the pain in my feet to her she had experienced the same thing years ago herself what a relief to finally find someone they can relate to what I was going through.

How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis and Get Heel Pain Relief

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