Foot Pain Up To Calf

Foot Pain Relief Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure.

Physical Therapy Exercises for Foot Ankle Pain Physical Therapy Stretches for Calf Muscle Pain

Hi! My name is Monica and this next exercisewe’re going to show you is actually a stretch. It’s a stretch for back of your calf, rightin here. What you’re going to do is find a good wall or something you can lean against.Whatever leg you want to stretch, in this case my right leg, pull it back away fromthe wall. The further you pull your leg back, the more of a stretch you going to get. WhatI want you to do is make sure your heel is on the floor and straighten you knee as faras you can. Then you just lean into the wall. Since it’s a stretch, you want to hold itfor about 30 seconds. You don’t want it to be painful or too intense, just a nice,comfortable, gentle stretch. Once you do it,

straight lay like this, go ahead and bendyour knee and then just lean against the wall again. This will get another muscle, a deepermuscle in your calf there. If you don’t feel a good stretch of that, another optionis sticking a towel underneath your foot. Kind of propping it up a little bit and thesame type of motion..

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