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10. Frog Smoothie Peruvians drink pulverized frogs blended with herbs to combat asthma fertility issues. Though not scientifically proven, many residents also drink it as a remedy for a low sexdrive. 09. Natural Orifice Surgery Patients have their abdominal organs removed through their mouths or vaginas. The first operation saw a gall bladder extracted through the mouth to avoid incisions. 08. Leeches Leeches remove pooled blood from blocked veins. Also used to help heal skin grafts by removing blood collecting under the graft. 07. Maggot Therapy Maggots can be applied to wounds to remove infected skin curb inflammation.

They only eat dead tissue, leaving healthy tissue untouched, speeding up the healing process. 06. Pregnant Horse Urine The urine of pregnant mares makes Premarin, a hormone replacement treatment. In 2002, 9m women used Premarin until negative side effects including heart attacks were reported. 05. Breast Milk Researchers have discovered a compound in breast milk able to kill cancer cells. Studies led 1 patient to drink his daughter’s milk hoping to shrink tumors. Results were inconclusive. 04. Swallowing Live Fish Practiced in Southern India, asthmatics swallow a 5 cm fish covered in herbal paste.

Administered by 1 family who claim the fish clears the throat, thousands visit them annually. 03. Intestinal Worm Therapy Parasitic worms are swallowed or crawl into wounds to treat bowel disease ALS. Heightens the immune system that’s been reduced by modernday cleanliness. 02. Tooth Transplanted into Eyes A tooth removed from the patient, placed in the eye, can restore sight. A hole drilled in the tooth holds a prosthetic lens. Implanted in the eye, it corrects corneal scars. 01. Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Donated feces are placed in patients suffering from renal failure Crohn’s disease.

10 Disgusting Medical Treatments That Could Save Your Life

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