Hand Foot Mouth Pain Treatment

Hand foot and mouth disease is a virus infection it’s usually caused by kids but their parents can catch if they didn’t have it themselves when they were younger. The bad news for the children is that with a lot of conditions like glandular fever if you get it when you’re young, you get it quite mildly, and if you get when you’re older it’s much worse. This is the other way around. Kids under 10 tend to be much less badly affected in the very young ones in the age group.

Kids under five, and adults tend to have the least problems. because it’s really infectious and because you’re infectious from before you develop the blisters that make hand foot and mouth so easy to pick up then actually it can spread like wild fire, it’ll spread through whole nurseries through whole schools. About a week of after your child comes into contact with someone who’s infected even though they may not know they are infected themselves at that time they’ll often come down first of all with a cold, feeling a bit.

Miserable feeling a bit down, the way kids do so often what will often happen then is a couple of days later they developed blisters or first red sore patches in the mouth can be on the tongue can be right over the roof of the mouth and it can be inside underneath here those will gradually turn into blisters and those blisters will wear away, leaving ulcers underneath about three quarters of kids who have hand foot and mouth disease, also develop blisters on their hands and their feet but actually.

Hand Foot Mouth Disease the signs and treatments

Its not called hand foot mouth buttocks and genitals disease even though they can occasionally get blisters in those areas as well these blisters tends to start off as red patches and they may become quite grayish when the blisters come off again you’ll be left with sore ulcers. The good news is the vast majority of kids get over this with absolutely no problem within a week or so, and the nursery won’t for instance make you keep them off until every single lesion has completely healed over however they will almost certainly say that you need to keep the child off school or.

Nursery for about a week until they’re back to normal and until all those blisters have stopped forming. What you need to do for your child is basically keep them happy as much as possible and keep them out of pain. Really important, especially in young children because they’ve got blisters inside their mouths drinking can be a real real issue so you may need to coax them to drink as much as possible especially for children under two or very small children under one are much more prone to dehydration because they don’t need.

To lose as much fluid to get dehydrated. So for instance if your little one is not peeing regularly and therefore they’ve got dry nappies for long periods if their skin looks very tired when you pull it, it looks like an old lady’s skin if they’re eyes are sunken if they’re really really listless and you can’t rouse them, you do need to see a GP other than that, complications are really rare. Do think about using regular painkillers The blisters on the the hands and feet are miserable but once in the mouth can be really.

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