Healing Plantar Fasciitis With Yoga

Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today topic in our VitaLife show is all about how to treat plantar fasciitis naturally without using any drug I have some great tips and exercises and massage techniques to show you that you can really treat this affectively safely and naturally at home in the comfort of your own home without any side effects of any drugs because you know the natural things that you may be trying may not be working for you and of course the conventional medicines that are out there.

Have those negative side effects are very difficult on the stomach can cause stomach bleeding so those anti inflammatory and pain killers that are conventionally given to you by your doctor really do have a lot of these negative side effects that I really don’t want for you stay tuned we’re gonna show you some great thing they can do for your plantar fasciitis very effective works very quickly I do this with my patient that have over the years with great effectiveness. First and foremost is stretching and this is so important so of course plantar fasciitis I’m.

Gonna show you I’m gonna take my shoe off and I’ll show you exactly how we do this it is of course a painful condition at the bottom of the foot and this is because of course tendons and fascia is being pulled in this area and often because of the gastrocs so the calf muscles are very tight so this is true you know not only just for athletes but for people that don’t stretch enough and it can be really at any age of course as we age and are mineral imbalance gets out of whack and we’ll.

How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis Naturally Using Yoga Exercises VitaLife Show Episode 127

Talk about the mineral that you can take to help the plantar fasciitis what happens is that this can get worse and worse so I find that this is an area of a lot of tenderness for so many people even if it hasn’t developed into the plantar fasciitis yet but one other important things to remember it up always stretch your calf muscles now how do you this. One of the great way to do it actually to put your foot up against a wall and stretch the calf muscle this.

Way you can also sit down on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you straight and of course try to touch your tippy toes and go as far as you can not only that the great stretch for your hamstrings but also for those gastrocs or your calf muscles which is so important and its important always when you are exercising to warm up your muscles a little bit then do your stretching we need to warm up at least 10 minutes or so get the muscles the blood flowing get everything nice and warmed up.

Then do the stretching of course after exercise as well you have to make sure you stretch especially with calf muscle and especially if you have plantar fasciitis the other thing you can do at home is to massage so with your thumb you basically grab your foot it and really just dig right in there and this can be very painful at the beginning because there’s all that tension and almost like scar tissue that’s built up in the fascia but you really have to work it out and sometimes you can actually.

Hear it like a like a crinkling cramping sound that happen within that area because you’re actually starting to break down some of that toxic residue that at the bottom of the foot so work on that I usually recommend massage from my patience if you can five to 10 minutes a day especially when the plantar fasciitis is really acting up of course you can see your massage therapist to help you with this as well but I came you know get quite costly especially if you need to go all the time so this is.

Something you know you can do to get your kids your husband to be rubbing your feet and getting at that tension thats in the plantar fasciitis the other thing I love is yoga exercises so just even a general yoga routine will help you to stretch of course thinking of downward dog great stretch especially for the calfs and hamstring but also helps to stretch the plantar fasciitis at the bottom of the feet and there are specific yoga moves as well that you can do for plantar fasciitis now I promise I will talk about the minerals and this is what a lot of.

People don’t realize that there’s always a balance going on and dance between magnesium calcium and vitamin d3 the proper absorption of these nutrients is essential if you don’t have enough calcium, than often your depleted in magnesium if you’re magnesium is depleted than your calcium gets out of whack so you really need to use all these nutrients together and of course the d3 help the absorption of that calcium so not all minerals are created equally when you’re supplementing with these things you can’t possibly get enough of these.

Minerals in foods anymore so they really did need to be supplemented, so at VitaTree of course we create nature’s best nutrients encapsulated and these are whole food nutrients so with our whole food magnesium what you’re getting is a bisglycinate form of magnesium very well absorbed and will not irritate your stomach so even at higher dosages it won’t cause diarrhea as all the other magnesium do so that’s what I recommend that magnesium is always taken in the morning and not with your calcium and a lot of people don’t realize this.

For best absorption you take your magnesium separately from your calcium because they actually compete for absorption so take your VitaTree Magnesium in the morning two capsules then you’re whole food calcium at night from VitaTree which is a coral calcium best absorbed again we always give you the best here at VitaTree just one cup full at bedtime mix in a bit of water or juice really easy to do and your vitamin d3 can be taken any time throughout the day of course the Vitatree Vitamin D3 is in.

MCT mediumchain triglyceride from coconut oil to natural fat burner but this is your carrier molecule which again optimize your absorption of that D3 so check those all out at vitatree and be sure to comment below ask me your questions and give me your comments about this tutorial check out all our tutorials from the VitaLife Show we have 100 now here on so be sure to leave your comments and questions like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter vitatree and remember that your health is in your hands you have the ability to.

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