Heel Nerve Pain Causes

Welcome back. I believe in putting your best foot forward and, with the help of Sheldon Nadal, podiatrist, Bayview medical centre we’re gonna do that right now. Hello! Nice to see you. Nice to see you, too. People don’t realize that a sign of good health or poor health can start and end with your feet. That’s true. And if your feet hurt, you hurt all over. You can be miserable if your foot hurts. Now a lot of us like to think that we’re athletic at whatever age, we love to pursue athletic endeavors. we also like.

To wear fancy shoes that can certainly be a nightmare with your feet. Let’s talk about some of the more common problems that people come to you in terms of their feet and the pain levels. Well one of the main problems we see, Anne, is heel pain. I would say hundreds of thousands of Canadians suffer with heel pain. I’m gonna hold up this diagram. Would you describe what it is that we are thinking of identifying where the pain is One of the main causes of heel pain, Anne, is plantar fasciitis. This white tissue here on the bottom.

Of the foot is the plantar fascia and it inserts onto the heel. If the foot isn’t supported and balanced properly, it can pull and stretch and you can get micro tears and it gets inflamed. So it burns, it hurts, and if you’re putting your full weight on that foot it must be agonizing! It’s miserable. It hurts with the first few steps when you get out of bed in the morning, it often feels somewhat better when you walk on it, it may not be as noticeable during sports, but after sports, it can be agonizing. And what causes it Is it really generally.

What Causes Heel Pain

Overuse in sports Or can it be from walking in high heels, doing the things we do to our feet I don’t think walking in high heels causes it. Often, it’s overuse, it’s from running in shoes that are too old and aren’t supporting you properly, some people can be due to because they’re overweight and it puts too much weight through their foot. So you have to look at the body as a whole, obviously, that holistic approach, if you are overweight, time to think about changing your lifestyle and your diet to take the pressure of the.

Feet, but there also is this miraculous way of dealing with it that you have offered clients at the Bayview medical centre. Well, in the past, what we would do is we’d do cortisone injections, we’d give antiinflammatory medicine to get rid of the inflammation, we’d support the feet with orthotics, Which I have right here in my hands. That’s an orthotic, that’s for a dressy shoe. Uh, we would do physiotherapy, and it would get rid of heel pain for most people, but about ten percent of the people do not respond to conservative treatments.

And their only alternative if conservative therapy failed would be surgery. But in Europe, they’ve developed a technique called Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy. Glad you said it, not I. And, it’s based on a unit called a lithotriptor which uses shock waves to break up kidney stones and they modified it to be used for tendon problems, such as in the heel. Now, how does this therapy work on something like this Well, it uses highintensity sound waves to direct energy to the inflamed area and they believe it helps to improve circulation.

To the area, it helps to break down scar tissue, it helps to break down diseased cells, and encourages healing. That’s incredible. Now, do you have to stay off your feet while you’re going through this treatment so that the body has the opportunity to begin those repairs You can walk right away following the procedure. I do it under local anesthetic so it doesn’t hurt. It’s a highintensity unit, so you generally only need one treatment. People walk right out of the office, they can do moderate walking, and as it feels better and better they can.

Do more and more. Is there pain after the local wears off Usually, it’s sore for a few days. But it has been sore leading up to then, anyways, so what the heck Yeah. It’s the soreness of getting better, not of getting worse. Absolutely. With heel pain it can be so frustrating because even if you rest, often it doesn’t get better. Does this remain, if you heal it, will it come back Are there any guarantees that this is a permanent change for the better There are no guarantees, but from the studies that I’ve seen, people.

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