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Every day I would wake up in the morning, I’d get out of bed and my feet would just kill me. It was like sharp stabbing knives in my feet. Do you suffer from sore feet? Many people have found relief from sore feet, back, knee or hip pain by calling the Good Feet store. Uh, it’s just nice to wake up every morning and not have pain in my feet. I can actually say that my feet are 100% pain free. Thanks to the Good Feet store.

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Take care your feet and nail because you’ll need them to last for years and years to come. Here are some tips on how to protect their tutsi is Tara Lee from Good Feet store. Tara, welcome to the show this morning. Thank you, Casey. Let’s talk about who the type of person is going to be to come into the Good Feet store. Well of course anybody with foot pain. We see a lot of knee pain, hip pain, back pain, hammertoes, bunions. Our number one problems that we see are plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

Okay, now we see a lot of children as well where parents want to prevent things coming down the line. They don’t necessarily have to have trouble with your feet to come into the Good Feet store, but my personal opinion anybody who wakes up in the morning, puts their feet down and starts heading out the door. You need some Good Feet arch supports. If you have feet, then come on in. Now, a lot of people that do have pain come into the Good Feet store and you’re able to help them eliminate or relieve that pain when they tried other remedies and they haven’t worked.

Ya, a lot of customers, we can be a last resort but we don’t want to be a last resort They’ve tried overthecounter supports, Scholls, cortisone shots, and even surgery that didn’t work. Where our arch supports are different we do not mold the foot. Okay this support righ here is an arch support we call the exerciser support. The job of the support is to get your foot in the normal foot shaped where it.

Should be. Now as you go through life, we only have these two feet. You cannot replace them like the tires on your car. The bones get misaligned and as you can see with this foot how it falls. There’s no support there. So it gives you that boost in the middle me where you need it, right there in the arch. Right, when you put it on the arch support, you stand up straight. You get the pressure off ankles, the knees and pelvic area and your back.

Here, I’m going to let them take a look at that. So it really makes a huge difference. At first you can tell, it falls. And then there you go. And, of course shoes are not made with arch support. So that’s where the supports come in. A lot people may be wondering, if you have to wear these big clunky, ugly shoes the aren’t you know fashionable to get this in? No, you do not and that it’s amazing at the women that come in our store.

92 years old I don’t wanna wear those clunky old grandmother shoes. We fit you first set of 3 supports here that we call the Good Feet 3. you can say they’re all different ones thicker, thinner, and even more thin here with the relaxer. But you can take ’em and put them in flip flops. The maintainer here’s thin and you can actually sticky velcro and there hardly even noticeable. So you can put these in any shoe that you’re wearing? Just about dress shoes, boots and flip flops,.

Tennis shoes. Wow, so if people are using these, how quickly will someone feel a difference? A lot of customers come in the store and they have pain. When we put them in the arch support and they stand up and begin to walk 9 times out of 10, they’re painfree. Now there are some customers, a friend of mine’s who’s been in the supports for several years. It took him about two months to get relief from plantar fasciitis. But he’ll tell you.

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