Heel Pain From Shoes

Today, I’m sharing a tip that is supposedlysupposed to help you wear your high heels a lot longer without the pain. I definitely tried this out, I was very skepticalabout it. I wasn’t sure if this was something that would work.Cause obviously if it did, there would be things out there for it. But, you never know!So, I gave it a try and it’s very interesting so, let’s get started with what I did! I don’t really remember where I saw thistip, I just remember seeing it and I’m like, hmmm! I’m going to try that out.

So, it requires some tape. It didn’t specifywhat type of tape, but it did say that you needed tape so, the tape I have Is scotchtape for presents so it’s not that sticky so when you do apply it to the skin, it’snot going to pull your skin off or pull any hair out. Which is great! And then, I went ahead andtried a bandaid because this is probably the most comfortable. When I did apply the tape,it was the edges of it… It was very uncomfortable, so, in my case,I recommend that you use a bandaid. A bigger sized bandaid if you have one, but if youdon’t, just try tape.

So what I did was wrap the bandaid or tapearound three toes from the smallest toe. And what it’s supposed to do is restrict a nervein your foot from causing pain. So, I was like… this is very interesting.I’m not sure. I get pain at the ball of my foot and thisis supposed to help the ball of your foot, the heel, all of it. So, I went ahead and tried it out…I walked around for 23 hours and usually, in 2.5 hours I start getting pain in my foot.It’s bearable, I can deal with it, but I was actually able to wear my heels a littlelonger than usual.

Which was a little insane! So, I definitelythink it’s a tip worth trying. If you have tried it out or if you think you might tryit out, I would love to know. So, leave me a comment down below if you have or have notand if you have any theories on this. I really don’t know what it is, but it does work. So, I thought it was worth a mention for allof my ladies who wear high heels day in and day out.So, I really hope you enjoyed this tip tutorial. If you have any request on anything for style,or fashion, or any type of thing like that, let me know in the comments! I’m alwaysreading your suggestions. I really do appreciate

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