Heel Pain Kayaking

In this clip with the help of my partner Russel Farrow were going to show you the proper way of getting into a kayak. Russel. First he’s going to straddle, he uses his back hands places his legs in nice and straight and slides in. Thats all there is to it. Another important aspect in sitting in a kayak is to sit up straight. We call this the dynamic seating position. This helps you breath better and it also increases your flexibility. We also call the opposite position kind of like a couch potato. The couch potato or poor posture.

Limits your breathing and also greatly limits your flexibility. So always sit up straight. Take a deep breathe and thats your dynamic seating position. A very important aspect of sitting in a boat are your contact points. So Russel’s sitting in this boat his feet are resting on the foot pegs here. His thighs and knees are touching on the side of the boat or the thigh braces as we call them. The small of his back is in contact with the seat back. All of these points of contact are going to facilitate what we talked about.

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