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Whats going on, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here SeanNal BodyTransformationTruth , and in this tutorial today I want to share with you a few tips to help you reduce delayed onset muscle soreness in the days following your training sessions if this is something that is an issue for you. Some people do enjoy the feeling of muscle soreness because it sort of a reminder of the hard work theyve put in.

But for others if the soreness gets excessive then it can become legitimately uncomfortable and negatively affect their daytoday life. Now, keep in mind that post workout muscle soreness itself is something that still isnt fully understood. No one knows for sure exactly what causes it or how it works, and so the solutions for it also arent fully understood.

So i cant give you exact physical reason as to how this method might actually work in reducing muscle soreness, so just think of them as being some suggestions that you can experiment with to see what works for you. Theyre all very easy to implement and youll pretty much get immediate feedback on them to see if they actually do anything for you. So its not as if you have to invest a bunch of time and effort here to find out if they.

Help you anyway. And also these tips assume that you already taking care of the basics. Which means that youre following a wellbalanced micro nutrient rich diet, youre eating enough protein each day, youre sleeping properly each night, drinking plenty of water and youre not going overboard in terms of training volume and frequency. So, five tips to reduce post workout muscle soreness.

So the first thing, and this not really a direct actionable tip but its definitely worth mentioning anyway, but that is that in most cases the newer you are to working out the more sore youll get following workouts. And as time goes on and you get more accustomed to training, post workout muscle soreness will gradually decrease. And this is called the repeatedbout effect.

Its not uncommon for complete beginners to get very sore after workouts, and that because its a brand new stimulus for their body and its something that they arent used to. I remember for myself when I first started training and I was doing a squats and leg presses and deadlifts, and I could literally hardly even bend out to sit the next day. Whereas now, I barely got sore at all and it really isnt an issue for me.

So the first tip is to just recognize that muscle soreness will decrease overtime and to just continue training and gaining more overall experience. The second tip is to employ some active recovery on your off days which is basically just some very light and easy exercise for whichever muscle groups are really sore. And this is a pretty well documented method that most people will find helpful. So if it was your leg that was sore then a bit of cycling either at the gym or on an.

Actual bike that would work well. Or you could also use a stair stepper. For upper body it could be something like light rowing or swimming. Or you could literally just use actual barbells or dumbbells, but just use a very light weight to get bit of movement in those sore muscles. Just make sure that with active recovery, youre using a very easy pace and not fatiguing.

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