Heel Pain Treatment Home Remedies

Welcome to health care at home In our previous episode we were talking about heel pain. According to Ayurveda, any kind of pain is considered to be put in VaatVayu Air Roga category And to rule out Vaat Rog, Aloe Vera is the best ingredient. So, if you have pain in heel or anywhere else so, you should firstly take a this much big piece of Aloe Vera Peel it and take out its gel cut the gel into small piece and swallow with the glass of water you will notice, that you will start getting relief in any type of pain.

Similarly, Fenugreek seeds works wonder in Vaat Rog. So make its powder Consume 1 spoon fenugreek powder with Luke warm water. you will be relived from any kind of pain. Now, what all you can eat Use Gooseberry as its very good for Vaat Rog, Heel pain Eat maximum of Tomatoes, Cabbage green papaya also works wonders, you can also make its veggie Eat cucumber in salad it works wonder in Vayu rog, You can also use potato, so use all these items in your eating plan And you will notice that you will start getting relief in heel pain.

Along with this do one more thing, take 1 inch piece of ginger add 1 bunch of mint leaves and 23 piece of dates put them all into mixer make their chutney Consume at least 12 spoon of this chutney along with your food you can also add some black salt cumin seeds, as it turned out very delicious. Use this chutney, not only in heel pain in fact you will get relief from any kind of pain. Along with this very good for your body and digestion system.


So, regularly take this chutney with your food make sure that you prepare fresh chutney, instead of making a lot in one go using for 7 days Make Fresh. Eat Fresh and you will notice that you will start getting instant relief in the pain What shouldn’t to be eat To low down the Vaat Rog, don’t eat deep fried food items Avoid, as much as of deed fried food Now a days lot of fast food is in culture like pizza, burger etc. Consumption of such items will create problem as it gives you lot of pain in Vaat Rog.

Stop drinking cold drinks, as they are quite high to increase the problem of Vaat Rog. Also make sure that you drink at 22 to 3 litre of water throughout the day And remember, drink maximum of water in day time instead of night. before the sun set drink maximum of water and you will notice that you will start getting relief in any kind of pain Let me tell you about a paste, make this apply on your heel as it will give you maximum relief in heel pain.

So, for that take 1 spoon sesame oil add 1 spoon onion juice. Add 14 spoon of ginger lemon juice, Now add 1 spoon of turmeric powder mix it. let it get warm up and cooked on low flame. when its warm, which you can tolerate on your body so, then apply this Luke warm solution on the area you have pain on your body. when you will apply this paste, you will feel stretch on your body you will feel like cold warm compress. And you will notice that within half n hour or so you will start getting relief.

Do this remedy for 23 times in a day for 1 week you will get maximum relief in heel pain. along with this use a powder, to make this powder take 50 gm fenugreek seeds take 50 50 gm of carom and onion seeds roast all of them on the low flame for about 1 mins. after that let it cool down make its powder store this powder in a glass bottle. now, take 1 spoon of this powder with Luke warm water in the morning. You, will notice that you will get relief in any kind of pain including heel pain.

If your stomach is not clear, as its often seen that in Vayu Rog stomach is not clear, due to this pain occurs. Then take 1 spoon ot this powder add 1 spoon Isabgol. consume this with Luke warm water, you will get relief in pain your stomach will also be absolutely clear along with this Ashwagandha powder is also very beneficial, now a days its easily available in market. Take spoon Ashwagandha powder with a glass of milk and you will notice that not only you will get relief in pain but also it gives internal energy.

Throughout the day you will feel energise. To kill the pain you can make powder of black sesame seeds and take spoon of it Add spoon Fresh Aloe Vera Gel spoon ginger juice. Post mixing them add some black soil if you manage to get it after adding black soil, heat up all the ingredients. if you think its thick then add some water turn it to liquid form heat up and once its thick in consistency. then in that warm condition only you have to apply this paste in your problem area.

Apply a thick layer of this paste all over the problem area of your heel after that don’t move for another half n hour. within half n hour your foot will get good massage and if the pain is due to blood clotting, that clotting will be removed. and you will get relief in heel pain. So, isn’t it the remedies were easy Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends relatives.

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