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Does the bottom of your heel hurt when you first stand up in the morning Does your heel hurt when you stand up after periods of inactivity, or does it hurt when you’ve been more active Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Helms of Indy Podiatry in Central Indiana. Perhaps the most common problem that I see in my office is heel pain. The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. Plantar means the bottom of the foot and the fascia is the connective tissue. In this case, the plantar fascia runs from the heel up to to the ball of the foot. If for any reason.

There’s been too much stress on the plantar fascia, small, microscopic tears can develop, leading to significant pain. In milder forms of this condition, that pain only occurs when you first stand up and then reduces as you walk. As the problem progresses, you can have pain with every step. What should you do if you start to develop plantar fasciitis Number one decrease your activity levels. The more you’re on your foot, the more stress there is on the plantar fascia, the harder it is for it to heal. So, if you are exercising.

By running or walking, unfortunately you’re going to need to stop so that the fascia can rest and start to heal. Number two wear the most supportive shoes that you can. A good example would be a running shoe. Wear these shoes all day long so that there’s plenty of support throughout the day. Number three you need to stretch your calf muscles. Studies have shown that if we increase the flexibility of the calf muscle, it will take pressure off the plantar fascia so that the fascia can begin to heal. I have a great tutorial of how to stretch the calf muscles on.

Simple Steps to Relieve Heel Pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis

My website, IndyPodiatry. Number four if you continue to have pain, be sure to get help. Living with plantar fasciitis for very long will cause scarring and thickening of that tissue which makes it even more difficult to get over this. So if you have symptoms of plantar fasciitis, seek out help from a podiatrist in your area. If you live in Central Indiana, give me a call. The doctors in our office have the most uptodate treatments available to help you get over this issue so you can return to doing.

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