How To Cure Heel Pain During Pregnancy

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Ms. Kavita Bhavnaani. She has emailed us She has written about her heel pain and very much disturb due to this pain. Ms. Kavita firstly its necessary to know that why this pain is going on There are lots of reason of heel pain but one of the main reason is high heels, due to wearing high heel sandals , heels pain occurs. what is the way out of to not to wear high heels but its not a practical remedy , as in many of girls won’t agree to not to wear high heels.

So, whenever you are wearing high heels whenever you take off your heels take off your heels stretch your foot, stretch the portion of heel like this again take forward and then back so do this for almost times. similarly do this on the sides also then take a round. first in one direction then in anther direction. do this remedy before or after wearing sandals as you said that this pain reaches over your shanks it comes because your foot is mainly left in one posture. second major reason behind heel pain is wearing too much of tight clothes.

So, due to wearing tight cloth blood circulation gets stop due to this also heel pain can occur. so, what you have to do so whenever you are wearing tight cloth, firstly you should avoid but in case you are wearing If you feel pain in heels, then massage on your foot so that you get proper blood circulation. so that the entire foot should get proper blood flow. so do massage well also do hot cold compression as it also gives good blood circulation. and how to to do coldhot compress that i will tell you further.


Third reason behind heel pain is obesity. if you are overweight then it may cause heel pain to you. so, for this we have done so many episodes on weight loss, follow those remedies reduce your weight. Due to Diabetes also heel pain can occur So, we have done so many episodes on diabetes, follow those remedies get control on your sugar heel pain. Apart from that if you are taking pills for sleep then it might be the reason behind heel pain so, if you are consuming then stop it.

Instead take some nut meg grind it and mix it in some milk. Consume this mixture at the time of sleep , you will surely have a sound nap. To extent this remedy put some mustard oil dropsin your navel generously massage the lower part of your feet, then sleep and you will get a sound sleep for sure. Apart from all this if you are taking any hormonal tablet, which actually disturbs your hormone. and that may be the reason behind you heel pain. so avoid these tablets as much as its possible for you.

Along with this sometime due to sprain also heel pain occurs if you have sprain and now having pain in heel then take spoon turmeric powder and add spoon of calcium Oxide Powder Now add spoon of water and mix it and heat it once its turned out light red in colour in the temperature which your body can tolerate then apply this paste, you will get relief in your heel if that is due to sprain. Along with this if your feet bone is extended or due to less skin on heel are the reasons behind heel pain.

Standing on one place for long hours can be the reason behind heel pain. of, if some body is only eating and resting and has no foot activity that can be the reason behind heel pain. So, what you have to do don’t stand continuous on one place for long hours instead do some walk. let your feet active instead of dull. so whenever you are back home then you must do the exercise as i suggested you in beginning. you will notice that you will start getting relief in heel pain.

Now, as you said that you have heel pain the first thing you should do is. Take Hot Cold compress. with hotcold compression your blood circulates properly And pain will be stop, if it was due to to blood clotting. Now, how to to hocold compress Take bucket warm water. water should warm as per your body tolerance add spoon spoon salt in it. preferable rock salt. Mix the salt and ready the water. and take cold water in another bucket. put both the buckets in front of you. Sit on any stool. Drink a glass of water firstly.

After drinking water, wet your head. after that firstly dip your feet in warm water let it stay for 5 mins then take off and dip your feet in cold water for around 2 mins. repeat this process do this for half n hour. You will notice that you will start getting relief in heel pain. Let me tell you another effective remedy, which you have to to do at the time of sleeping. Take 1 spoon Aloe Vera Gel 1 spoon turmeric powder. Add 1 spoon Ammonium Chloride, which is easily available in market. So get all these 3 ingredients mixed.

It would be better if you take fresh aloe vera gel put all of them in a vessel turn to heat on the low flame. aloe vera gel will start releasing its moisture while heat up then mix it will turned out as a paste. Take it off on a cotton cloth then apply this warm paste on your problem area. either you can apply the thick paste, or you can wrap a bandage after apply this paste duly covered with cotton. Use this remedy at the time of sleeping as in after that you can’t move.

Do this remedy for 1 month you will notice that your heel pain will be ruled out from its roots. Now, if you have pain anywhere in your body, specifically in heel Then what you should eat and what shouldn’t That all i will share in my next episode along with some very effective remedies. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home.

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