Is Plantar Fasciitis Very Painful

So you have planter fasciitis. I’m Jean and I’m going to show you a stretch and a massage that you can do at home to help with this starting off you’re gonna bring your foot against the wall here and bending at your toe, you’re going to slide you toe closer towards the ground until you feel a stretch so you might get all the way down or you might only get half way so you should feel a stretch here along with arch of your foot You’re gonna hold that for about 20 seconds and repeat five times.

For massage you can use a tennis ball or a golf ball You’re gonna play it underneath your foot and let those toes in the whole foot relax and rolling the foot for its and backwards do this for about 30 seconds to a minute now it may be a little bit uncomfortable but try and relax and breath through the massage. If you feel your plantar fasciitis is getting worse or it’s not improving over the next week or two, it’s important to seek the help of a health professional but I hope these tips help.

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