Medial Arch Foot Pain Treatment

This application is for Posterior Tibial Tendonitis where pain often presents on the inside or medial portion of the lower leg near the ankle, this is often caused by inflammation of the posterior tibialis tendon which decelerates the foot after heel strike when running, so it is a fairly common injury this is how we tape for it. The first piece in this application is going to be an Istrip. tear the paper down by the logo end of the tape and I’m going to position the foot in dorsiflexion and inversion as I lay this portion down.

Just along the lateral or outside portion of the heel rubbing that down no stretch on that piece. As I bring the tape around the heel again I’m laying this down with no tension, no stretch on the tape and laying that all along the inside or medial portion of the foot. For the second step of this application I’m going to tear another Istrip and placing the foot in dorsiflexion inversion, if you can. I’m going to tear off the anchor and here I’m going under the calcaneus the heel.

For the anchor I’m going to try to get on as much skin as I can laying that down with no stretch Ok, now I’m going to come around and as I lay this piece down where I want to run this is right up behind that medial ankle bone, or that medial maleolus so I’m applying this with no stretch on the tape following that line staying behind that bone now I’m just laying the anchor down again no stretch while I was applying this, that foot should still be in dorsiflexion.

KT Tape Distal Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

I am now going to rub that tape on using the paper backing, create some friction, some heat that causes it to adhere better and if that is not relieving your symptoms, you may actually add a third piece by tearing an Istrip again creating an anchor and where I am going to place this now is again, on the outside or lateral portion of the foot, laying that anchor down trying to get as much skin as I can without any tension on that anchor. As I come up underneath.

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