Ossatron Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

How does shock wave therapy work for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

So how does shockwave therapy work for the treatment of plantar fasciitis the shock waves that are admitted to the bottom of the heel under anesthesia i might add uh. are causing these micro fractures micro little breaks in the bottom of the heel bone so what’s happened typically when you have plantar fasciitis it’s as though you’re stuck in a chronic situation so just imagine a light switch.

It’s stuck it won’t the cells that you need to heal the plantar fasciitis are no longer there so the shockwave therapy creates these fresh little cracks now the body sends in all the troops if you will to come in and clean it up and now you have an acute situation so you flip the switch from chronic to acute.

Modern Podiatric Technology

In my Toronto podiatry practice, I believe in using the most modern technology available in order to treat the greatest variety of foot problems, get the best results, and keep my patients as comfortable as possible while I’m treating them. One of my favorite pieces of technology is this. It’s a mini CArm fluorscope. This small unit enables me to perform minimally invasive surgical techniques for bunions, hammertoes, bone spurs, and dropped metatarsals. It enables me to see the bones as I’m treating the patient. We work through very small openings. This allows me to visualize exactly what’s going on so that I can get the best results possible. Other technologies that I utilize in my practice include lasers. I have a carbon.

Dioxide laser which I use for treating ingrown toenails permanently under local anesthetic. I also have a lowenergy therapeutic laser which is used for relieving inflammation and pain in the foot. We can combine the lowenergy laser with sound wave treatments to eliminate the need for antiinflammatory medication, which can be hard on the stomach, blood pressure, and heart. Most recently, I purchased a YAG laser for the treatment of fungal toenails. Anesthetic is not required, you can walk right away, and most people will get significant improvement with clearing of the nail and destruction of the fungus. For chronic heel pain, such as plantar fasciitis, which is a very common problem, I have an extracorporeal.

Shockwave unit. It uses highintensity sound waves to relieve chronic inflammation, even if you’ve had the inflammation for months or years, most people will get significant relief from one treatment. To keep up with the latest treatments and technology, I attend several scientific meetings every year. When I learn of something new and exciting that I think will help my patients, whether it’s a treatment or a piece of technology, I will bring it back because I want to be able to offer the best possible treatments for my patients.

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