Pain At Heel And Arch Of Foot

Today, I want to tell you how to treat andwhat’s going on if you feel a severe sharp pain in the arch of your foot or under theheel of your foot, and this is usually a condition called ‘rupture of the plantar fascia’. Thisis the plantar fascia right here, it runs from your heel to your toe, and sometimes,for no particular reason, you can step down, often in a jumping or running sport, and allof a sudden you feel this sharp severe pain in the bottom of your foot. It’s like someoneshot you down there. And what’s probably happening is that you’ve ruptured either the entirefascia or a portion of the fascia. Sometimes you just tear a few of those fibers, but itcan be really painful.

The treatment for this injury is to supportthe fascia and take all of the pressure off of it. Sometimes we have to keep you on crutchesfor a couple weeks. Almost always, we need to put you in a walking boot, initially. Insidethat walking boot, we’re going to use an arch support to stop that arch from going downand take as much tension off of that fascia as possible. The good thing about this injury is almost100% of patients will see complete resolution of symptoms. There was a 2004 study of patientsthat had this problem, and they showed that within 26 weeks, essentially 100% of patientshad relief of the symptoms, but even within

nine weeks, most patients were back to fullactivity. But, it does require proper treatment, so this is probably something you should seea about. If you’re in our area, make an appointment to see us. Tell them you thinkyou injured the bottom of your foot, and my receptionist will get you in right away. Ifyou can’t see a right away for some reason, get yourself a walking boot. Go toour website and do a search for quot;walking bootquot; and for quot;overthecounter arch supportquot;. Usethose two things together to protect the foot for several weeks, but again, eventually seea about this problem.

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