Pain In Foot After Walking

Hi everybody, it’s Blake Kalksteinfrom s Adolf and Kalkstein Chiropractic, team chiropractor for the Baltimore Oriolesand your Baltimore area chiropractor. And today we’ve got Marla in the office, andMarla’s a unique presentation. She was in London, in England for vacation,stepped in a pothole and broke her foot. So they booted her up, and this was six monthsago? Yeah, and actually I was hiking in the lakecountry, and in the woods there was a hole. Obviously it was covered up and I steppedinto it and broke a bone in my foot, sprained my ankle and hurt my ribs.

So it made a more interesting vacation. YEs, needless to say. So she came in with, after the fracture washealed and she was released from a new orthopedic surgeon who, we booted her right? We didn’t do surgery on this, it was justa boot? No, there was no surgery needed. No surgery needed, we booted it, and thenafter the boot came off we had stiffness through here, we had swelling through here, and wehad pain when we walked.

And we found that the most effective treatmentfor this was active release technique. Working on the dorsal side of the foot here. And we’re gonna show you how we treat that. And we’ve got her, in your own words whenwe finished the treatment program we were doing active release and we were doing thekinesio taping to help pull fluid out of there. Yes, and I’m not having any pain at all now. I can walk two to three miles a day plus goto the gym. So I’m doing very well, there is still somestiffness but we’re going to fix that.

Yes, so we’ve gotten her out of pain and thenshe just got back from Texas visiting friends in Texas and was doing, and doing two to threemiles every day. And now she has stiffness, so we’re gonnakinda combat that stiffness before it turns into pain. And we’re gonna show you what we’re workingon here. We’re gonna work on the dorsal of the foothere, we’re gonna work on the planar fascia area, we’re gonna work in the big toe musclethat comes down here. There’s one that starts up in your calfand comes all the way down in the bottom of

the foot like this, and there’s one behindit that’s underneath that, it goes right through here. And if you ever have bunions or bunion painor a foot pain, if you don’t treat that big toe muscle you’re gonna be in pain longerthan you should be, but if you go after this big toe muscle the little one that sits behindit right here, and there’s one that comes down like this and it comes down to the side,it moves the big toe like this, if you don’t treat that one you’re gonna be in a lot ofpain. So we’re gonna treat it today, help loosenup some of the stiffness in here.

So Marla’s gonna bring her ankle down hereand curl her toes and then bring everything up. Marla I can feel how tight that is, and. Oh it’s terribly tight. Marla will tell ya that she was just sittinghere feeling the good foot and feeling the bad foot, even she could feel the differencein the texture of the tissue. So there is definitely tension and tightnesswithin this muscle, within this fascia group. Yeah there’s a muscle, something’s wrong inthe bottom of that foot.

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