Pain In Foot Dvt

This animation shows how deep vein thrombosis DVT forms. DVT is a condition where a blood clot forms in a deep vein, usually in the leg. the navigation arrows below the animation screen to play, pause, rewind or fast forward the animation. This animation contains sound. The deep veins pass through the deep tissues of the legs. They transport blood from the legs and feet back up to the heart. The superficial veins lie below the surface of the skin. Here we show the position of the leg veins. The deep veins run between muscles of the leg.

Contractions of these muscles when we move our leg and ankle help to squeeze the blood back up towards the heart. The veins also have valves, that prevent the blood from flowing back towards the feet. DVT is where a blood clot thrombus forms in a deep vein. It partly or completely blocks the flow of blood through the vein. A blood clot can form if a vein is damaged, if the flow of blood in the vein slows down, and if the blood has a higher than normal tendency to clot. Here we show the blood clot forming in the.

Vein. Many blood clots are small and your body will usually be able to gradually break them down. Here we show a small blood clot being broken down, and the blood flow through the vein return to normal. Sometimes a larger blood clot can form. A larger clot can completely block the flow of blood through the vein. Here we show the blood clot growing larger. A large blood clot may cause pain and swelling in the affected leg. However, DVT doesn’t always cause symptoms. This is the end of the animation. replay to watch it again.

How deep vein thrombosis DVT forms

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