Pain In Heel After Running Barefoot

As a runner I am a lifelong heel stomper. Every single one of my race photos is me just pounding the pavement. Let me show you. Right here… that is perfect heel striking form right there. And I’ve tried to correct this. I’ve gone to the Good Form Running clinics and those guys have perfect form and they know what they’re talking about but I just can’t change that habit consciously. My form will automatically just degrade back to what I’m used to doing. Okay so I’m gonna try.

To fix this again today and what I’m going to do is test out the Barefoot Running theory which to my understanding goes like this I’m heel striking because I have this nice cushiony running shoe underneath my foot and if I took that away if I went barefoot then my body wouldn’t allow itself to land on the heel ’cause that would just be too painful. So we’re gonna use my GoPro to see exactly what happens when I go from running with my nice cushy running shoe to barefoot on the pavement. Let’s check it out!.

This is run through number one and for this one I will have my shoes on. This is run number two and for this one I’ll be taking his shoes off. Alright, to wrap this up I’ve got two observations from this experiment. First I am really impressed with how easily that change in running form occurred really just taking off the shoes and doing the same little stretch in the parking lot really did the trick but the second observation is this was just a short stretch in a parking lot and I’m not sure how long I could sustain.

A Heel Striker Goes Barefoot Running

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