Pain In Heel From Flip Flops

So as i film this, summer is coming, and so i’ve been getting a question quite a bit lately on whether or not there are flip flops that patients can wear who have heel pain. And there actually are. So I’m going to go over why in a second, but this is the brand that I usually recommend. It’s called Vionic. This one’s kind of ugly because it’s mine. I’ve been wearing it for the past three years. But there’s much better looking ones out there. But I really like these products. And first of all, I do want to say I have no connection.

Financially to this company. i just really love their products. So first let’s look at what causes heel pain. The most common cause is plantar fasciitis. The most common cause of the plantar fasciitis is the foot flattening out too much, because as the foot flattens out, it stretches this ligament here, the plantar fascia. So the foot goes from here, to here, to here, and as that occurs it gets tighter and tighter in the plantar fascia.

So researchers have actually looked at how do you take tension off the plantar fascia? In fact, some of the research they’ve done, they’ve taken cadaver legs, put them in a machine that would load them down, forcing them to get flatter, causing the plantar fascia to get tight. They put a strain gauge within the plantar fascia, and they put different types of orthotics underneath there to see which ones take the most tension off the fascia. And essentially what they find is orthotics that conformed very close to the arch of the.

Foot do the best job at taking tension off of that area. And that’s why I like these Vionic flip flops so much. They have some really good arch support. Now it’s not as good as a custom orthotic, it’s not as good as some overthecounter orthotics, but it is the best you’re ever going to find in a flip flop. So I’m not saying flip flops are the best shoes in the world. You’re not going to get as much support here as you would in a stable athletic shoe with either a really good overthecounter orthotic.

Best Flip flops for High Arched Feet Seattle Podiatrist Larry Huppin

Hi. today, i want to talk about flipflops and sandals for higharched feet. and if you want an updated list at all times of what our recommendations are on the best sandals and flipflops for this type of foot, just go to our website and do a search for flipflops or sandals for higharched feet and you’ll come up with that list. So couple issues you need to keep in mind when you have a higharched foot. Number one is that this part of the foot in the center is not bearing any weight at all. So all the.

Way is born by the heel and by the forefoot, and those areas become very prone to pain under here and under here. So our goal when we treat this problem is to try and transfer the pressure off of those areas and get this area to maintain some arch. So if it’s in the winter, you’re wearing shoes, you can get some good orthotic devices, particularly custom orthotics that are made to conform very, very close to the arch of the foot, and that works well to redistribute force. But if it’s summer and it’s warm out, you.

Want to wear some flipflops, it becomes a little bit more difficult. there are, however, a couple models of flip flops and a couple brands on the market that do an exceptional job and make flipflops that have higher than average arches, so they will work better at taking pressure off of those painful areas in the high arch. So this is one of my very favorites. This is the brand Vionic and almost all Vionic sandals do come with a much higher than average arch that works great for people who have.

Higher than average arches. so you can find any of the vionic models if you just go to our website and can do the search for best flipflops for high arches. You’ll find a link to some of our favorites. Another one I like is this brand here called Aetrex. And Aetrex, like Vionic, has an excellent arch support, much higher than average. So for people with high arches, it really works quite well at getting the pressure off of the heel and off of the ball of the foot and.

Making for a much more comfortable flipflop or sandal. and again, they have a lot of different models. All of them come with this really great arch support. Now, of the two of them, I think Vionic is the best. It has a little bit higher arch, but the Aetrex are also quite nice. So again, if you want a list of these and also any that we’ve added since the time that this tutorial was made, go to our website, do a search for flipflops for high arches.

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