Pain In Heel When Jogging

Running Form for beginners Heel Strike versus Midfoot

Hey wassup guys, Devin Trent here founderof FeelGoodFitness and today’s topic is Running Form. In this tutorial im going to show you whyI suggest a midfoot strike when running opposed to heelstriking and a simple that you cando to ensure a proper midfoot strike when running. So, stay tuned! Running is just a faster form of walking right?We’ll not necessarily. One important thing to remember is that running is very similarto a jump or more simply put just having both feet in the air at the same time. But when walking, that’s not the case. Onefoot is in the air while the other foot is

on the ground. Notice how you naturally walk with your heelstouching the ground first and also notice how you naturally jump withthe middle of your feet touching the ground first. And this is why I recommend a midfoot landingwhen running Because both feet are in the air at the sametime you want to land on the middle of your feet instead of landing on your heels. Landing on your heels when running, is likelanding on your heels when jumping.

Go ahead, try it! Try jumping in place, and instead of landingon the middle of your feet as you would naturally do: Try landing on your heels. Im sure you felt an uncomfortable shock runthrough your body. I know I did! And that’s what happens when running witha heelstrike. When you land on your heels like this, itcauses a shock that runs from your shin, up

through your knees, and up to your hips.Which over time will cause pain and discomfort Believe me I know from experience. I usedto have a pretty bad heelstrike! And that’s why i recommend a midfoot landingwhen running. It allows you to run with your feet underyour center of gravity Prevent injury andjust have a better overall running experience in generalNow for the drill! A simple drill you can do is midfoot hops!This will allow you to get use to landing midfoot by creating neuromuscular pathways.

You simple hop in place on the balls of yourfeet! Then you start to hop one foot at a time! Then gradually move forward and go into arun! One last thing, be careful not to land onyour tippy toes. Its ok for your heels to briefly touch the ground after landing onthe middle of your foot. So their you have it! My comparison of whya recommend a midfoot strike over heelstriking and a simple drill you can do to ensure aproper midfoot strike when running. If your interested in more free drills tohelp increase your running performance, download

my free training series by click this link.RIGHTHERE! If you like this tutorial give it a THUMBS UP! If you really like this tutorial, or know someonewho might, then share it on Facebook and Subscribe to my Channel by ING THIS LINK.RIGHTHERE IN THE VIDEO! Hey y’all like my new camera? The last tutorialI shot it on my cell phone! I got 1080p on the back and I got 720 on the front. I shotit with the 720 so I could see myself but this new camera.Real Nice! In this tutorial i’m going to show you why Isuggest.crap!

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