Pain In Heel Won’t Go Away

I cut my leg on a pedal to an exercise bike, and it was like the week after Thanksgiving. And, it was pretty deep, but I’m used to that, so I tried healing it myself, and it didn’t get any better. And since I have edema, the swelling and water retention in my legs, the wound would continuously like, run water out of it. So, when I was at my general practitioner’s, he gave me an antibiotic, which did not work at all. And then my next appointment was with my lung care doctor, and he gave me another antibiotic, and that didn’t work either. And.

Then another week I had an appointment with my dermatologist and she gave me another antibiotic, and said oh, it will take six months for this thing to heal. So, all of this still, nothing was working, it was still running water. I was keeping it wrapped with a terrycloth headband. So, finally I had an appointment with my chiropractor on January 6th. And he, when he was adjusting my legs, I said, be careful, don’t hit that sore, you know, and he said, you got to see somebody today. His mother had used American Foot and Leg.

Specialists sometime in the past, and so he called for me, my chiropractor now. And, they said, well we can see her today. So they worked me in that day and I’m pretty sure it was January 6th, my first visit to see Dr. Lewis. I understand that she’s actually certified in wound care, and I was really glad to know that because you want somebody that’s the best at what they do when they’re working on your body. And, she was so enthusiastic, she said, oh we can fix this. And I said, well I’m glad somebody can fix this, you.

Treating A Foot Wound That Wont Heal Patient Testimonial

Know. And, she started by doing a compression wrap under the foot all the way to the knee. Anyway, we did that for two weeks and I went back and it really wasn’t working. So she decided she would do a skin graft. And, so she did a skin graft on my next visit, and did the compression wrap again from the ankle to knee. We did that for two weeks, and I went back, and she did another skin graft. We ended up doing three skin grafts. And the compression wraps lasted twelve weeks. And after the twelve weeks when she took it all.

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