Pain In Right Foot Veins

Varicose Veins Pain

Varicose Veins Pain Many varicose vein sufferers experience little more than unattractive lumps veins on the legs and other places. In certain circumstances they can experience significant varicose vein pain that makes the legs ache and feel heavy. It can also result in swelling at the ankle at the end of the day. The affected leg or area can also feel like it is burning or can trigger muscle spasms during the night. In the early stages of the condition there are a number of lifestyle changes that you can adopt that may slow down varicose vein development The varicose veins that appear during pregnancy can often fade after the birth. It is recommended that you eat sensibly, are careful about fat and salt intake and ensure that your diet is rich in vitamin C and E.

It is also advised that you try to avoid crossing your legs at the knee. You can also manage minor varicose vein pain by taking an over the counter antiinflammatory painkiller like Ibuprofen or Aspirin. Some people also swear by applying a cold compress to the affected area to bring relief. If you have the kind of occupation that requires standing for extended periods of time, it is advisable to put your feet up for a while. This also works well if you do not have to stand up all day, but it is also not a licence to not move about. Making sure that you rest your legs as well as move about. While the resting allows for drainage, the walking promotes good circulation and will help maintain fitness and cardiovascular health. Having stronger muscles can also help ease the pain, as well as helping you maintain a healthy BMI.

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