Pain In The Heel Pad

Hi YouTube friends! Thank you so much for tuning in. So wearing heels can sometimes be a pain, a big old pain on the foot. I’m gonna show you five easy ways to make walking in heels a lot more comfortable. The first little tip that I have for you are insoles. You can get these guys at your local drugstore. I got mine at CVS, and I just prefer to get the generic brand, because I feel like they pretty much all work the same and they come in a variety of colors.

So what you do is you insert the insole inside your shoe, and this will provide a lot of support throughout the ball of your foot as well as the heel of your foot and also on the arch as well, and it’s really great support, and it provides a lot of comfort, and it’s not that expensive, so this is a great way to alleviate pain. The second way to make your heels super comfortable are heel liners. You just put them on the back of the heel inside of your shoe like this,.

And this will prevent your shoe from rubbing your ankles or the back of your heels or the upper part of your ankles, ’cause I know that it hurts for me sometimes when I wear heels and it rubs at the back, and heel liners will totally get rid of that pain, and also if you have really small feet or if you end up buying a pair of shoes that end up being a little bit too big for you, and you don’t want to return it ’cause you think a half size might be too small,.

How to Make Walking in Heels Comfortable! 5 Easy Tips!

Put the heel liner in, and it will prevent your shoe from flopping off, you know what I mean Or you can even attach two at the same time and just stick them on, because the heel liners that I chose to get are adhesive. So the third tip would be ball of foot cushions. These are amazing, they really save your feet. So you place them right at the ball of the foot right inside of your shoe like that, and when you’re walking, it’ll prevent your feet from developing calluses, ’cause I know that.

When my feet are in heels, and I’m walking around all day in them, sometimes my feet will rub on to the heel, and then I’ll develop these calluses, but if you have a type of cushion, it’ll really help prevent it, and also, if you have a sensitive ball of the foot area like me, I know that when I’m walking in heels, where I get the most pressure is right here in the ball of the foot, so if you have cushioning, it’ll kind of alleviate that pressure and make it a bit more comfortable to walk in,.

Which I really like and so. And these are so cheap. You can get them at five bucks at your local drugstore. So again, cheap little fixes for all day wear in your heels. So let’s go on to the fourth tip. So the fourth tip is really great for ladies who have any back pains while walking in heels, and they would be heel cushions, preferably gel, because gel feels really comfortable and has that squishy fun feeling, and so you just place it inside the heel of your shoe.

Like so, and this is great for when you’re walking. It provides extra heel cushioning, which will absorb shock, which will prevent your back from hurting, so this is a winwin situation, and of course, they’re inexpensive that you can get at your local drugstore as always. So this is definitely worth the cost, because if it’s gonna prevent your back from hurting, do it! So the very last tip will be next! The fifth and last tip that I have for you are rub relief strips or corn cushions. So you place them anywhere in your shoe.

The rub relief strips are fantastic because you can pick any length that you want, long or short or it doesn’t matter, you can pick any length that you want, and place it anywhere inside your shoe where you feel any rubbing or pain, and if you don’t want to invest in the rub relief strips, the same thing works if you use gel cushions. So it’ll really help prevent friction or any pain that you may have. I know that when I wear sandals, around the toe area is where it hurt.

So I would place the corn cushions, and now that I found these, I would place these inside and again, you can get these at your local drugstore in the shoe or foot section. So these are fantastic ’cause it prevents friction, it’ll really make your walking in heels more comfortable and no one will know all the goodies that you have in your shoes ’cause you’re just walking in them, you’re just rocking in them, and nobody knows that you’re super comfortable ’cause you have all these hidden weapons under your shoes, you know what I mean.

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