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Hi welcome to another tutorial. In this tutorial In this tutorial I’m going to share with you how to take care of flat feet and let’s go check it out. You can do this while sitting down. Stretch your leg forward. Normally pain on flat feet is around here this area, for instant if you have pain in your left feet use your right heel to rub into the pain area, rub into the pain area. In order to put more pressure put your heel in the pain area and bent your toes forward.

To press into it, press forward, put pressure on it. I like to do it on an exercise ball because it bounces and it helps relax the feet. You can do this exercise sitting down and while you’re watching TV. The next thing you can do is to rub your feet on a ball. Not the exercise ball but a hard rubber ball like such a bouncy one you can get it at the stores and this is how you do it. You put the ball on the floor and then you put your leg on top of the ball and roll it.

On the pain area, where your pain area is. Just roll it and you’ll feel the relief This is a side view of how you roll it. You roll it on the heel, along the arch back and forth the arch and the ball of the feet area. You can also use a reflexology machine or a foot massager. So you turn it on and it will roll and put both feet on it through the pain area. For the left feet turn on the side for the pain on the side and also on the heel. Do the same for the other foot on.

Flat Feet Relief

The side for the arch and the heel and also for the ball. And if want a squeeze just put your foot in the middle and it will start squeezing your foot like such. What this machine does is it helps circulate the blood in the area and when there’s blood as I said it will not have pain why because it brings in oxygen and oxygen gets rid of pain whenever there’s oxygen there’s no pain. This particular model that I have here is being discontinued the company is not making.

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