Pain On Side Of Foot After Jogging

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Stretching After Running Stretches

Hey guys, so i just went on an awesome run and I guess my workout is over, right? Psych! We have to stretch out! A lot of people skip this part of their workout, but the challenge this week is to make your cooldown and your stretching a part of your workout. Okay, so I have 4 really good stretches for you that you can do after a run or really.

Intense workout. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna open up the hips with a kneeling hip flexor stretch, we’re gonna stretch out the quads with a standing quadricep stretch and then we’re gonna do a standing calf stretch and then we’ll sit on the ground, and legs in front of us, feet together,.

Reach for our toes and we’ll see how well you can do. okay, 4 stretches,. hold all of them for 30 seconds, that’s 2 minutes, and you can repeat it a couple times if you want. 4 minutes, so there’s no excuses not to fit this into your workout postworkout. Make sure you’re front knee stays right above your ankle and tuck your tailbone under so that way you can really push your hips.

Forward and open up your hip flexor. To further intensify the stretch you can take your same hand as front knee and place it on the inside of your front knee and open up to the side. That will really, really open up your hips after a really long and hard run. For the standing quad stretch.

Grab your foot and pull it towards your glutes, you wanna drive that knee down towards the ground, so that way you can really stretch out your quads. Remember: keep your chest up, no falling foward. Now, for the standing calf stretch: you’re gonna lunge forward just a little bit and keep your back leg as straight as possible. Really drive your back heel towards the ground.

To really stretch out your calves. Both sides. And last but not least, here’s your challenge: legs all the way out in front of you and reach for your toes. If you need to you can microbend your knees so that way you’re not putting too much strain on your hamstrings.

So, i hope your feeling nice and stretched out and very cool after your workout because that’s a very crucial part of your workout. And don’t forget to check out my warmup tutorial with Olympic runner,. Paralympic athlete, medalist Blake Leeper for ideas on how to warm up before you run.

And don’t forget to leave comments because you guys wanted this tutorial by popular demand, I answered some comments and gave you a stretching tutorial. For these four basic stretches some of you may have seen they’re very powerful,. it’s very important and even though it takes just a little bit of time it makes a world of difference. So, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the Runtastic fitness channel!.

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