Pain On Side Of The Foot After Running

How to Treat Pain on the Outside of the Foot with Seattle Podiatrist Larry Huppin

Today, we are going to look at pain on the outside of the foot. Looking at this foot here, here is the big toe and here the little toe over here. I am talking about people that come in complaining of pain right along the side of the foot. There are actually a lot of causes of pain in this area, so I do not think we should focus too much on this one thing but the most common cause of pain in this area is a condition called peroneus brevis tendonitis. The peroneus brevis is this tendon right here and it comes down and attaches right into this area right here. It acts to help turn the foot this way and there is a number of different reasons which we do not really have time to go into right now that.

Will cause that tendon to become inflamed. When someone does get inflammation in that area we have two main goals: 1. decrease the inflammation and 2. take tension off of that tendon while it is healing. There are a number of different ways to do that, anywhere from using a walking boot for a week or so, or you can use an ankle brace, and you can even take an orthotic or an arch support and do some wedging on it so it pushes the foot this way a little bit. You can learn a lot more about how to treat pain on the outside of the foot by going to our website. Do a search for quot;pain on the outside of the footquot;, and you will get a whole list of things you can do both for yourself and also some ideas of.

When you want to seek professional treatment for this problem.

KT Tape Peroneal Tendonitis

Music I´m Chris Harper and with me is Makayla and we’re here to demonstrate an application for peroneal tendinitis. This is when you may have pain on the outside portion of the ankle just behind the ankle bone and up the side of the leg. I’m going to indicate this are of pain with a red dot just where you may have pain your pay maybe slightly different above or below this area.

In newer texts books this muscle group is actually called fibularis. Some causes of this may be overuse or trauma, poor circulation, poorly fitting shoes, running on uneven surfaces. KT tape helps treat this condition by providing stability and support and helps relieve pressure to reduce pain and may increase circulation. For this application we’re going to place the ankle in a neutral or ninety degree position. We’re going to take one full strip and we’re going to twist and tear the backing.

Paper to create an anchor point on one end usually the logo end. we’re going to place this just to the inside of the heel bone near the bottom of the foot, and we’re going to angle this tape so it’s pointing towards the outside portion of the foot We’re going to remove the backing paper down to the end of the tape but leaving a little bit on there being careful not to touch the adhesive.

She can hang on to that last of the paper. You’re going to place fifty percent stretch on this so stretching a hundredpercent and then backing fifty percent. We’re going to apply this on an angle so it ends up behind the ankle bone and then bending up the side of the leg right over the point of pain. We’re going to pinch that off. Very good we’re going to remove the backing paper the last little bit.

And apply that last part of the tape without any stretch so absolutely zero stretch on the end of that tape. Okay, good, a little friction rub just to create a little heat and create good adhesion of the tape to the skin For the second part take another full strip. Just like the first one we’re going to twist and tear the backing paper removing that little end piece to create an anchor. We’re going to place this approximately mid.

Foot on the inside of the foot pointing backwards towards the heel and we’re gonna remove the backing paper leaving a little bit on the ends so we don’t touch that adhesive and again fifty percent stretch on this, we’re going to go right below that inside ankle bone wrapping around just below the outside ankle bone We’re going to apply this down this last little bit with zero stretch on that tale the tail end of that tape.

Give it a good friction rub. Okay that looks great! A few helpful tips with this application is to make sure you clean the skin very well remove any or oils or lotion you may have on your skin’s for better adherence also if you wear a sock to sleep so when so you’re rolling around it doesn’t roll the tape up. Take care when taking shoes on or off or socks on and off as not to roll the tape. Some complementary treatments.

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